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Cover image for Antavo's guide about pharmacy loyalty programs.
Guides by Zsuzsa Kecsmar • June 15, 2022 • 19 min read

Drugstore and Pharmacy Loyalty Programs: A Comprehensive Guide (2022)

Learn what loyalty program features are best for pharmacies and drugstores and discover 6 great examples of pharmacy loyalty programs.

Antavo’s cover image for its article about cognitive biases in marketing.
Articles by Tamas Oszi • June 9, 2022 • 17 min read

11 Cognitive Biases in Marketing to Boost Customer Retention

Explore 11 different cognitive biases in marketing and bring behavioral science on your side to capture the hearts and minds of customers.

Reviews by Barbara Kekes-Szabo • June 2, 2022 • 12 min read

airasia rewards Program Review: A Comprehensive Lifestyle Loyalty Program

airasia rewards is a loyalty program that moved beyond being a Frequent Flyer Programme and has become a comprehensive lifestyle program.

The cover image of Antavo's value proposition article.
Articles by Barbara Kekes-Szabo • May 26, 2022 • 17 min read

20 Compelling Value Propositions and Why They Work

Why should customers choose you? Check out these 20 examples on how to speak to customers’ pain points with your value proposition.

The cover image of Antavo's holiday rewards program article.
Articles by Barbara Kekes-Szabo • May 19, 2022 • 9 min read

11 Holiday Rewards Program Ideas to Help You Make the Most of the Peak Season

Go get your eggnog and prepare yourself for the peak season with 11 successful holiday rewards program ideas.

The cover image for Antavo’s summary article about the Regional Customer Loyalty Reports 2022
Articles by Zsuzsa Kecsmar • May 5, 2022 • 8 min read

State of Loyalty & Benchmarks – 2022 Regional Customer Loyalty Reports

Discover industry benchmarks and market opportunities for loyalty programs on three continents with Antavo’s Regional Customer Loyalty Reports.

Antavo’s cover for the article about the most relevant loyalty statistics for 2022 and beyond.
Articles by Barbara Kekes-Szabo • May 4, 2022 • 27 min read

Top 157 Customer Loyalty Statistics and Benchmarks for 2022 and Beyond

Level up your loyalty marketing with the latest insights to keep customers coming back. 100% data-backed with 157 customer loyalty statistics.

Cover image for Antavo’s article explaining the technology behind cashback reward program
Articles by Tamas Oszi • April 21, 2022 • 10 min read

Launching a Cashback Reward Program: Technology Explained

Trying to navigate the world of the cashback reward program? Our step-by-step guide tells you everything you need to know for a smooth launch.

The cover image of Antavo's shopping mall loyalty programs guide.
Guides by Andy Nemes • April 14, 2022 • 24 min read

Shopping Mall Loyalty Programs: A Comprehensive Guide (2022)

Discover what makes the concept of mall loyalty programs truly successful. Check out our guide including examples from 7 top malls.

The cover image of Antavo's Tiered Loyalty Programs article.
Guides by Zsuzsa Kecsmar • April 7, 2022 • 17 min read

Why Tiered Loyalty Programs Are So Attractive to Customers

How to create successful tiered loyalty programs: see our best practices and 7 real-life examples of brands who have done an amazing job.

The cover image for Antavo’s Jade Green Product Release article
Releases by Viktor Fasi • March 31, 2022 • 2 min read

Jade Green Q1/2022 Product Release: Expanding Your Loyalty Program’s Reach

There are a number of ways that companies can expand the reach of their loyalty program, from entering new markets […]

The cover image of Antavo's Retail Loyalty Programs Guide.
Guides by Andy Nemes • March 24, 2022 • 25 min read

Retail Loyalty Programs: A Comprehensive Guide (2022)

Retail loyalty programs come in all shapes and sizes. These 8 features and examples from real-life retailers will help make yours stand out.

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