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The cover for Antavo’s article about the JoJo loyalty program.
Articles by Tamas Oszi • August 4, 2022 • 5 min read

JoJo Clubhouse: A Fresh Take on Loyalty & Engagement

Learn everything there is to know about JoJo Maman Bébé’s groundbreaking new approach to rewarding omnichannel customer engagement.

The cover image for Antavo’s article reviewing the Home Depot Rewards Program
Reviews by Barbara Kekes-Szabo • August 3, 2022 • 11 min read

The Home Depot Rewards Program Review: A Loyalty Program Built for Pros

The Home Depot rewards program, Pro Xtra, provides several benefits for professionals to help grow their business. Check out the power of pro.

The cover image for Antavo’s Vivid Citrine Product Release article
Releases by Viktor Fasi • July 28, 2022 • 3 min read

Vivid Citrine Q2/2022 Product Release: More Freedom For Customers, More Control for Marketers

In order to run a successful loyalty program, marketers need to find ways to give customers as much freedom as […]

The cover picture of how gamification can enhance loyalty programs
Guides by Barbara Kekes-Szabo • July 27, 2022 • 13 min read

The Ultimate Guide on Using Gamification in Loyalty Programs

Gamification in loyalty programs is fun: use a prize wheel for a thrilling reward experience, or collect data through treasure hunts.

Antavo’s cover for the sportswear loyalty programs guide without text..
Guides by Zsuzsa Kecsmar • July 26, 2022 • 16 min read

Sportswear Loyalty Programs: A Comprehensive Guide (2022)

Tap into your customers’ athletic lifestyle to connect with them. Here are 9+1 strategies for effective sportswear loyalty programs.

Articles by Tamas Oszi • July 21, 2022 • 8 min read

The 3 Steps to Finding, Recognizing and Retaining a Brand Ambassador

Looking to boost word-of-mouth and customer lifetime value through brand evangelism? Discover and nurture a brand ambassador with these tips.

Marriott Hotel Loyalty Program: The Gold Standard for Experience
Reviews by Jessica Mizerak • July 20, 2022 • 12 min read

Marriott Hotel Loyalty Program: The Gold Standard for Experience

The Marriott hotel loyalty program, Bonvoy, sets the standard for experiential loyalty in hospitality. Here’s what the program has to offer.

The cover image of Antavo's experiential marketing article
Articles by Zsuzsa Kecsmar • July 19, 2022 • 12 min read

Experiential Marketing: Creating a Lasting Impression

This article explains the importance of experiential marketing and uses examples and data to show how it helps brands improve.

Reviews by Tamas Oszi • July 15, 2022 • 7 min read

Kellogg’s Rewards Program Review: It’s Grrreat!

We dive deep into the world of loyalty programs and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of Kellogg’s rewards program, the Kellogg’s Family Rewards

Cover image for Antavo’s article on how to engage Gen Z customers with loyalty programs.
Articles by Barbara Kekes-Szabo • July 14, 2022 • 13 min read

7 Loyalty Program Must-Haves to Engage Gen Z Customers

What are the aspects of loyalty programs that grab attention from Gen Z customers? Learn how to appeal to this generation’s values.

Articles by Timi Garai • July 13, 2022 • 11 min read

The Secret Ingredient in Succesful Restaurant Loyalty Programs

By analyzing the best fast food and restaurant loyalty programs, you can learn the secret ingredient in a revenue-boosting rewards program.

Cover image for Antavo’s guide on loyalty program strategies in crisis.
Guides by Attila Kecsmar • July 7, 2022 • 16 min read

Loyalty Program Strategies in Times of Crisis: An Ultimate Guide (2022)

Crisis situations change the way customers shop. Let’s see what loyalty program strategies can help brands adapt to challenging times.

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