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Our experience working with leading global fashion brands has helped us build a loyalty platform and deliver services catered to our fashion and retail industry clients.

Our experience working with leading global fashion brands has helped us build a loyalty platform and deliver services catered to our fashion and retail industry clients.

LVR Privilege

#LuxuryFashion  #Global

An eCommerce loyalty program that lifted retention by 59% and revenue by €16m

The foundational belief of luxury fashion retailer LuisaViaRoma is that customers seek experiences, not just products. The company wanted a loyalty program that mirrored this sentiment, but at the same time provided an edge in a competitive market. The result is LVR Privilege, a truly experience-driven loyalty program.

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Prestige Club

#HighEndStreetFashion  #UK

1,600 registrations during the first two weeks

Represent, the British fashion company specializing in high-end streetwear, decided to strengthen their reputation and increase their customer return rate while also adding value to the shopping experience. The
tier-based Represent Prestige program perfectly encapsulates the company’s goals and has proven to be a great alternative to discounts.

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Beer Tokens

#Food&Beverages  #UK

An omnichannel loyalty solution for beer lovers from AB InBev

Beer Hawk, the UK’s leading online retailer of specialty beers and ales, decided to revitalize its old loyalty program with a new solution that seamlessly connects the online store and its high-street bars with flexible, real-time technology. They brought a fresh, new customer experience to the table by rewarding more than just transactions.

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Loyalty Campaign

#Food&Beverages  #Russia

Delivering engagement to a multi-brand global FMCG company

PepsiCo Russia wanted to provide a consistent brand experience and fully harness the power of their full portfolio. Antavo’s loyalty solution proved flexible enough to fit PepsiCo’s needs, while also remaining scalable, reliable and, above all, secure.

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#Toys  #DACH  #France  #Australia

Omnichannel loyalty program for an enterprise-level retailer

American toy and juvenile products retailer Toys”R”Us had 800 stores in the U.S and 800 additional stores globally, which is why the company wanted to unify the loyalty experience across the board. Antavo’s loyalty solution not only helped to manage email and loyalty under one roof, but also added gamification, customer identification and lifecycle-driven campaigns to the mix.

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The Diamond Club

#AffordableLuxuryJewelry  #Global

An influencer-friendly loyalty program that promotes affordable luxury

Antwerp-based contemporary jewelry brand Diamanti Per Tutti was looking for a way to entice customers to make their second and third purchases, as well as provide a seamless in-store experience. In order to achieve this, The Diamond Club embraced influencer culture and introduced several omnichannel loyalty program features.

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#Fashion  #Global

An exclusive and community-driven reward experience from Singapore

Hailing from Singapore, Love, Bonito is one of the largest omnichannel women’s fashion brands in Asia today. With headquarters in Singapore, teams in Indonesia and Malaysia, and a franchisee in Cambodia, the company was looking for an international, omnichannel loyalty solution with an emphasis on community-building.

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Bergzeit Club

#SportingGoods  #Germany

Rewarding members' hiking activities via Strava integration

German multichannel retailer Bergzeit is the starting point for any alpine adventure. The company decided to launch a loyalty program with the help of Antavo, catering to an audience that loves hiking and maintaining an active lifestyle. The result is Bergzeit Club, an innovative program with a Strava tracker integration.

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#Footwear  #TheNetherlands

Loyalty reimagined in a more elegant, rewards-focused solution

Founded in Amsterdam, Shoebaloo asked Antavo to turn their existing rewards system into an omnichannel loyalty program so they would be able to identify in-store customers, increase brand engagement and grow their membership base. The revamped Shoebaloo Loyalty ticks all the boxes.

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