Paper White Q2/2024 Product Release: Capturing Invisible Retail Purchases With the Power of AI

July 18, 2024

Many companies are haunted by “invisible” purchases that happen when they sell through retailers, franchisees, or any other channel that they don’t own. This is especially true for FMCG, fashion brands, and or large businesses that do not have a unified system that covers all the different POS systems they use.

There is, however, an elegant, easy-to-implement and cost-effective solution to this problem: receipt scanning. Antavo’s Paper White Product Release is centered around our latest integration, which lets loyalty program owners capture purchases made through channels not owned by them through AI-driven receipt scanning. In addition, our team released a new dedicated Shopify Marketplace app.

Headshot of Andras Taraszovics Head of Product at Antavo Loyalty Cloud

Andras Taraszovics
Head of Product at Antavo Loyalty Cloud

If you are missing a direct link with the customers who buy your products through outlets and franchisees, not being able to capture their purchase information means that you are leaving valuable opportunities on the table. Without the customer data, you won’t be able to personalize or reward them properly and you will only see half of the picture. Our receipt scanning integration aims to remedy this issue in the most convenient way possible.

An image showcasing the Paper White Product Release main feature.

Whether you’re responsible for running a loyalty program or you’re the creative mind behind marketing campaigns, Antavo’s latest features were designed to help you excel. 


Capture previously unreachable retail information


Build a connection when selling through third-party sellers


Integrate Antavo with Shopify with unparalleled ease

Image of receipt-scanning

Klippa integration enables receipt scanning

With the integrated, AI-driven receipt scanning capability, Antavo helps you expand your loyalty program’s reach to third-party channels, like outlets, retailers and franchisees.

Image of shopify-integration

Antavo launches dedicated Shopify app

Antavo has released a revamped, dedicated app on Shopify Marketplace. Through the app, eCommerce platforms can easily connect their online store to Antavo’s loyalty platform.