Reporting & BI

Make smart decisions using our reporting tool and BI integration

Access customizable dashboards to visualize your KPIs and identify new trends. Easily analyze your program’s performance and fuel your decisions with clear business metrics.

Receive Comprehensive Reporting


Browse through various retention and enrollment metrics to see how the loyalty program is working to retain customers.


See precisely how customers are engaging with the program: how often they refer friends, participate in contests, or redeem rewards and discounts.


See which KPIs your loyalty program is moving, such as purchase frequency, customer lifetime value, or even points liability.

Understand the Performance Of Your Loyalty Program

  • Compare A/B testing variants
  • Review campaign results
  • Better understand customer spend
  • Analyze retention rate
  • Calculate ROI

Build Your Own Charts

Effortlessly set up custom charts to measure your KPIs. Build charts that are flexible and easy to expand, so your teams can track any action that’s important for your business.

Powerful BI Integration

Seamlessly synchronize loyalty data to the PowerBI Business Intelligence platform with very little effort. We help you identify trends, focus on the problem, and formulate a solution.

See precisely what you need to with Antavo’s reporting tool