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We aren’t just building an industry-leading loyalty technology, but also a company culture centered around teamwork, recognition and personal growth. As such, we offer a remote-first, fast-paced environment, where you will be part of something truly game-changing.

Having achieved 3X growth in 2021, Antavo has also grown from 40 to 110 team members—a sign of continued success in face of global challenges.

Benefits of working
at Antavo

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No matter the global situation, Antavo will always be remote-first. We support our colleagues with physical environments if they need it, but decision-making and daily operations are rock-solid-remote.
Flexible Work Setup,
Including Part-Time
As a firm believer in supporting groups such as working parents, students and freelancers, we are happy to work with you in any fitting setup, so you can bring out your true potential.
Clear Career
We want to hire ambitious people who wish to challenge and improve themselves. After joining, we’ll lay out your training and career path together, so you can focus on your future achievements.
Antavo Days and
Team Events
To support team building and create a sense of comradery, we frequently organize in-person and remote group activities. This way you can have fun and get to know your co-workers at the same time.
Your physical and mental well-being matters to us. With our corporate health insurance plan, our employees enjoy access to the best available health-, physical-
and mental care.
The English language is the cornerstone for our communication. At Antavo, you have the opportunity to develop your communication skills in order to be a true asset for your team.
Being Loyal to
a Good Cause
Diversity and inclusion are values that we live by. Our colleagues come from all over the world, with different backgrounds, cultures, and hobbies, so you’ll be part of a welcoming community.

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Frequently asked

You seem to have a ton of open positions. Why is that?

Oftentimes people ask if there is a large fluctuation, as we have open positions all over the organization. Well, this is the growth we are experiencing! Our fluctuation is super-low, and we are creating new job descriptions by the day, to power our growth.

I am an Engineer, and the way I work is important to me. What are the tools/methodologies that you use?

The Engineer team uses the tools that best fit the tasks! Have a look at our Stackshare.

There are many open positions for helping Project Implementations. What are the tools/methodologies that you use?

Our Business Analysts, Project Managers and Product Experts often use Atlassian products, and incorporate additional, more specific tools and processes wherever it makes sense. We feel there is no one-size-fits-all solution so, while we have many tools in our toolbelt, we trust and empower our delivery teams to implement the methodology that best fits each customer.

Antavo’s goal to be the best loyalty provider in the world is very ambitious! But I am a beginner in my career - should I still apply?

Please, definitely apply. Even though we serve enterprises like BMW, Lagardere, and KFC, we have great leadership and managers all across the organization. Talented, hard-working, ambitious professionals are exactly what we are looking for, even if they’re just getting started in their career.

You don’t seem to be a startup company. Are you guys a startup?

Today, Antavo is a fast-moving scaleup company. While we are already past the startup phase, thankfully, we are also not a rigid enterprise where you will spend hours on only admin tasks, using outdated tools. We founded the company in 2012, launched our loyalty software in 2016, and we have been committed to being the best in this space ever since!

What is a scaleup?

Antavo is in the scaleup phase, meaning that we have a great product, a great market, and great potential. Our job today is to get out and bring our product to the most people possible — that’s what we mean by scaling up the company. In other words, we have stability and strategy, but there are still many stones left unturned, just waiting for you to discover!

Why Antavo?

We are super ambitious! We are super persistent! And we want to work with the global best, so you can work with the very best professionals in their fields, all over the world! If this inspires you, you’re the kind of person we are looking for!

How does the hiring
process look?

Our product,
our decisions
We make our own decisions regarding our product. Here your voice and your insights will make a real difference.
Innovative scaleup
Antavo’s majority ownership is in the hands of its founders, but we’re also backed by top VCs from Europe and the US.
Work with global brands and explore their strategies with a diverse team of 100+ people made up of 6 nationalities.
We support you in your career goals. Our colleagues regularly develop and take on new roles internally.

Daily life with the Antavo team

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youtube video
youtube video
Monthly all hands meetings
We share the latest numbers, company progress and next steps with each other in a dedicated monthly session.
Quarterly product releases
The software we develop is our own, so we put a lot of effort into developing it and sharing our progress.
Antavo days
Employees from all of our offices come together regularly to hold personal meetings, share information and have fun.
Memorable moments
Our colleagues often organize team lunches, free-time activities, and fitness challenges backed by the company.
Open positions