We believe that today’s customers want to shop at e-commerce stores they

Antavo is a complete Software-as-a-Service solution to launch point-based loyalty programs.

To get their love, it’s no longer about acquiring them.

It’s about keeping them. Antavo incentivizes customers to interact more with your online store in order to build a loyal community.


Frequent purchases

Increase basket value and sales frequency with an effective mixture of activities and rewards.


Deep engagement

Build 360-degree user profiles through custom requests, client reviews, social influence and webstore interactions.


Loveable brand

Get customers to love your brand by grabbing their attention through a friendly and exciting loyalty program.

Master loyalty programs

Our ebooks, webinars and online courses are ready to help you in a smooth loyalty program launch.

Is a Loyalty Program for you?
From Guest Check-outs to Happy Logged-in Customers
Top-notch Rewards – World Class Results
Budget Planning 101 for Loyalty Programs
Communication Tactics to Keep Loyalty Members on Board


You sit at your desk and blink cluelessly at your blank monitor. You are looking for proof to convince your colleagues that online loyalty programs work. But it’s a brand new field, and no real resources are available. We know how you feel.

So here is everything you need. Make good use of it.

  Zsuzsa Kecsmar co-founder and CMO of Antavo
Business Basics for Loyalty Programs
What makes a loyalty program?

It's not rocket science. A good loyalty software, like Antavo, and a smart marketer who knows what she wants. That's all.

Attila Kecsmar, co-founder and CEO of Antavo