Peach Fuzz Q4/2023 Product Release: Replatform Smart, Retain Smarter

February 15, 2024

Preparing a loyalty strategy for the peak season — be it the holidays, Black Friday or Cyber Monday — requires preparation, months in advance. This applies to both B2C and B2B businesses.

So why not start preparing right away? To help companies get ready for the peak season rush, Antavo’s Q4/2023 Peach Fuzz Product Release delivers a series of new platform capabilities that allow smarter campaign management with better results.

Headshot of Andras Taraszovics Head of Product at Antavo Loyalty Cloud

Andras Taraszovics
Head of Product at Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud

If you are planning to introduce powerful new reward campaigns before the holiday season, you can’t wait until the last minute. You need to make sure your platform has all the features required to handle rewards for millions of customers — and if not, it’s time to start looking for a better solution. Our latest developments help you in all of these areas.

An image showcasing the Peach Fuzz Product Release main feature.

Whether you’re responsible for running a loyalty program or you’re the creative mind behind marketing campaigns, Antavo’s latest features were designed to help you excel.


Less time required for mass reward campaigns


More relevancy for mobile-based engagement


Faster, effortless data migration

Image of deliver-rewards-api

Deliver Rewards to Millions of Members

Antavo has released a new API endpoint that allows for bulk reward claims in the millions. Due to its highly scalable nature, it can distribute rewards to 100,000 customers in just under 10 minutes.

Image of smart incentives for B2B and B2B2C campaigns

Smart Incentives for B2B / B2B2C Campaigns

Upon popular request, Antavo now lets customers reward those who buy or sell different product combinations. Companies can now reward product combinations purchased or sold in single or multiple transactions.

Image of faster and easier data imports

Faster and Easier Data Imports

With the introduction of the import preload feature, imported records are now pre-processed before they are inserted into the database. This makes it possible to process import files faster, speeding up the entire import procedure.

Image of updating mobile passes in real time

Updating Mobile Passes in Real Time

You can now add dynamic fields to Antavo Wallet passes, which can be updated in real time on both the Apple Wallet and Google Wallet platforms. Now, pass holders can stay up to date on their current point balance, tier status, and other loyalty information.

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