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Antavo’s cover about its article on cognitive biases in marketing
Articles by Tamas Oszi • June 13, 2024 • 17 min read

11 Cognitive Biases in Marketing to Boost Customer Retention

Explore 11 different cognitive biases in marketing and bring behavioral science on your side to capture the hearts and minds of customers.

Antavo’s cover for its article about loyalty program problems.
Articles by Zsuzsa Kecsmar • June 6, 2024 • 11 min read

10 Burning Problems With Loyalty Programs You Need to Fix 

If you have one of the 10 problems with loyalty programs listed in this article, then it’s time to course correct and steer towards success!

Cover for Antavo’s article about the GCLR 2024 industry statistics.
Articles by Zsuzsa Kecsmar • May 30, 2024 • 6 min read

Understanding Retail & Lifestyle – New Statistics From GCLR 2024

Explore the statistics behind lifestyle and retail loyalty programs in this insightful article, featuring data from Antavo’s GCLR 2024.

A cover for Antavo’s article about its guest post on loyalty programs in Europe.
Articles by Tamas Oszi • May 16, 2024 • 6 min read

Understanding Loyalty Programs In Europe

Explore the landscape of loyalty programs in Europe with an extensive whitepaper from Mando-Connect and several loyalty program experts.

The cover picture of how gamification can enhance loyalty programs
Guides by Barbara Kekes-Szabo • May 9, 2024 • 18 min read

The Ultimate Guide on Using Gamification in Loyalty Programs

Gamification in loyalty programs is fun: use a prize wheel for a thrilling reward experience, or collect data through treasure hunts.

7 Tips for Memorable Loyalty Program Names
Articles by Jessica Mizerak • May 2, 2024 • 11 min read

7 Tips for Head-Turning Loyalty Program Names

A loyalty program’s name has the power to evoke emotions. Here are 7 smart loyalty program names, plus tips for naming your program.

Bergzeit Loyalty Program
Articles by Tamas Oszi • April 30, 2024 • 6 min read

Bergzeit Loyalty Program: a Reward Program for Athletic-Minded Customers

Find out how the Bergzeit loyalty program, empowered by Antavo, uses activity tracking app integrations to cater to an athletic-minded loyalty community.

The cover image of Antavo's Food And Beverage Loyalty Programs Guide
Guides by Andy Nemes • April 23, 2024 • 20 min read

Loyalty Programs in Grocery & Food and Beverage: A Comprehensive Guide

A deep dive into the world of food & beverage and grocery loyalty programs, sharing key trends and best practices in the 21st century.

Mission: Loyalty by Jessica Mizerak • April 18, 2024 • 16 min read

Mission: Loyalty — Build Trust and Incentivize Data Sharing With Your Loyalty Program

Learn how to build trust, incentivize data sharing, and get more customer data with your loyalty program in Mission: Loyalty Episode 4.

The cover image of Antavo's eCommerce Loyalty Programs Guide
Guides by Andy Nemes • April 16, 2024 • 23 min read

eCommerce Loyalty Programs: A Comprehensive Guide

Find out more about eCommerce loyalty programs, must-have features to include, and how they can help your business by moving your most important KPIs.

The cover image for Antavo’s Coral Red Product Release article
Releases by Andras Taraszovics • April 11, 2024 • 2 min read

Coral Red Q1/2024 Product Release: New Integrations to Cover the Full Customer Lifecycle

In the world of customer retention, you need to stay relevant throughout the entire customer journey. For example, the moment […]

Antavo’s cover for its article about the travel rewards program guide.
Guides by Andy Nemes • April 9, 2024 • 21 min read

Creating a Travel Rewards Program: 7 Easy Tips to Follow

By following these 7 surefire tips for your travel rewards program, winning back travelers’ hearts and loyalty has never been easier!