Rewards & Offers

Fight the discount culture and go beyond transactional rewards

Offer hyper-personalized offers for each customer segment using Antavo’s offer management module, and keep the experience fresh with engaging reward ideas.

Offer Management

Wide selection of supported offers

The built-in offer management module handles a large variety of offers, such as combined, fixed price, percentage or item offers, as well as handling bundled deals and value added services, like free shipping.

Extended POS Support

Our system quickly and smoothly integrates with any POS provider. You can also manage the offers within the POS, or effortlessly create & run omnichannel offers through the loyalty platform.

One-off rewards & Permanent Benefits

Coupons and discounts

Choose between a set discount on certain products, redeemable voucher codes, or let customers spend their points for a discount directly at checkout.


Win over customers with membership benefits that make the shopping experience better, like permanent free shipping or extended returns.

Exclusive access & VIP Clubs

Thrill valuable customers with exclusive access to limited-time gifts and VIP services that are are not available for all members.

Going beyond Transactions

Experiential rewards

Offer a valuable gift or experience for a selected few. Experiential rewards have a huge impact on the members’ impression of your brand.


Let customers compete by bidding on rewards. Bidding more points mean a higher chance of winning, encouraging members to start collecting more of your loyalty currency.

Sweet surprises & Third-Party Rewards

Third-party rewards

Ensure the loyalty experience is truly tantalizing by boosting your reward lineup with gifts and services from partners.


Perks are inexpensive gifts that come free-of-charge with the order, yet are proven to be invaluable in building an emotional bond.

We work with Fulfilment Partners

Antavo partners with Tango Card and TLC Marketing to handle fulfilment, and we’re happy to add your provider as well!

Fight the discount culture and give meaningful rewards