The Antavo Story

A letter from our CEO

I have been selling things since I was 7. I remember selling toys in order to buy a bike. (My mother wasn’t happy.) After college, I sold the idea of websites and webstores, and I built many with Gabor.

In 2011, I wanted to move away from being an agency, towards building something larger. This is when Zsuzsa came on board for marketing, and Andras for bizdev and operations. We’ve been through a lot, from changing countries, to moving in together, to working day in and day out in our living room.

Fast forward 5 years…

Antavo has helped 30,000+ businesses on 5 continents including ASOS, Diono and Salt. Today we produce a marketing software for ecommerce companies to build loyalty programs.

We have added two more products: software that builds contests and sweepstakes, and software that tracks referrals. Although we are a UK company, most of our team is based in Hungary. We are happy to have Seedcamp and iEurope as investors.

Please let us know if you think we can help. Access our collective years of knowledge of customer loyalty by reaching out to me or my colleagues below. They are great people.


The Antavo Team

  • Attila Kecsmar
    Attila Kecsmar CEO and Co-founder
  • Zsuzsa Kecsmar
    Zsuzsa Kecsmar Head of Bizdev and Co-founder
  • Andras Bencsik
    Andras Bencsik COO and Co-founder
  • Gabor Csarnai
    Gabor Csarnai CTO and Co-founder
  • Andras Nemes
    Andras Nemes Head of Sales
  • Timi Garai
    Timi Garai Marketing Manager
  • Jess Mizerak
    Jess Mizerak Senior Customer Success Manager
  • Klari Nemeth
    Klari Nemeth Integrations & Project Management
  • Andras Taraszovics
    Andras Taraszovics Development Team
  • Janos Pinter
    Janos Pinter Development Team
  • Andras Budai
    Andras Budai Development Team
  • Ferenc Gulyas
    Ferenc Gulyas Development Team
  • Zsolt Fekete
    Zsolt Fekete Development Team
  • Nikolett Marsi
    Nikolett Marsi Development Team

Board members & investors

  • Miklos Kovacs
    Miklos Kovacs
  • Rohini Contractor
    Rohini Contractor
  • Zoltan Vardy
    Zoltan Vardy

The good times