[Webinar Recap] Gear Up to Create a Great Holiday Customer Experience

On September 15th we held a webinar together with Marcin Borowski, a support hero at LiveChat. If you missed this […]

On September 15th we held a webinar together with Marcin Borowski, a support hero at LiveChat. If you missed this webinar, have no fear – we’ve got you covered. Check out the main takeaways and actions points below!

The topics covered:

  1. Holiday shopping trends & buying habits
  2. What do holiday shoppers seek?
  3. What kind of loyalty program marketing works best during the holidays?
  4. The difference your brand voice makes
  5. Why use instant communication to reach out to your customers?
  6. The virtues of proactivity in live chat

Watch (or re-watch!) the webinar recording for the full experience here.

Holiday season to-dos got you rushing? Save some time with our full skim of the facts and figures below.

5 steps to drive more sales by pleasing your holiday shoppers  

Our webinar included five important facts about holiday shoppers’ habits and how you can satisfy their needs during the holiday rush. 

1. Prepare for early gift-hunters

Holiday shoppers have already started looking for Christmas gift ideas in July – this is what Google trends show based on the stats in the last 5 years. The top days for sales prior to Christmas include Thanksgiving day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While planning your marketing strategy, make sure to take these trends into account.

2. Use your content to give inspiration

7 out of 10 shoppers don’t know precisely what they’re looking for or are considering multiple shopping options. That’s why search results containing “best,” like “best gifts for Dads in their fifties”, have increased by 50%. What can we do as marketers? Create list posts or videos with inspirational ideas! Just check out how ULTA Beauty does it. If you want to improve your SEO, start early by creating content centered around giving your customers all sorts of great ideas.

One extra tip: my friend in ecommerce marketing experimented with promoting his product videos on YouTube. And he got awesome results! He used YouTube display ads which appear above the suggested video list, next to a relevant video. Viewers may assume that the ad itself is a recommended video by YouTube, and are more likely to click there. In 3 days he got 5,000 viewers and it only cost him $0.0090 per viewer! The competition is low in that field, which drives the cost down. If you have the resources and knowledge to create such video ads – and we also have a guide to help – then it’s worth it to consider involving this ad format in your holiday marketing strategy.

3. Offer good deals, but be careful

Holiday shoppers are price sensitive. Usually all of the ecommerce stores try to get their attention by offering the best discounts. BUT! Discounts are only ok if…

1) You continue making a profit by selling your products.
2) You don’t trick customers.

The latter tenet is important. Many customers get disappointed by the fact that 1 or 2 weeks before the big discount period, some ecommerce stores overprice their items and then say “You get a 25% discount, shop now!” But in the end, the customer pays the original price. And most customers are well-aware of this “trick”.

4. Include different channels in your marketing strategy

We all know that during the holidays you need to prepare to launch ads on Facebook & Google, give a festive feeling to your website, emails, products, packaging… But how much attention do you pay to your desktop, mobile and app communication during this time of year? Emarketer found how holiday sales is performing on the aforementioned channels:

  • Desktop: E-commerce on desktops accounted for $56.43 billion in online sales in 2015.
  • Mobile: Mobile commerce made up approximately 18 percent of the digital commerce spend that occurred in 2015’s November and December holiday period.
  • App: Between 2014 and 2015, the percentage of holiday shoppers that said they had ever used a mobile app to purchase increased from 25% to 40%.

The take-away? Incorporating these communication channels in your holiday marketing strategy will help you target customers effectively.

5. Prepare your brand’s own holiday magic with the help of a loyalty program

As loyalty programs are our expertise, we know a few things about how to use loyalty features to boost customer engagement and sales during this holly-jolly period. Here’s our advice:

  • Grant points for sharing holiday promo sites: it helps you gain relevant traffic to your pages and improve your SEO.  
  • Grant points for referring new customers: you can’t beat the power of word-of-mouth. Your current customers are the ones who can get you the most relevant prospects.
  • Reward customers for buying specific items/categories: by introducing double points for certain items or product categories, customers can gain higher discounts in the form of loyalty points. It’s a great incentive to make more than one purchase.
  • Offer exclusive events for existing loyalty members: if you have membership levels, emphasize what shoppers can get when they reach a higher tier.
  • Spark some curiosity in the loyalty program for non-registered customers: emphasize offers available within the program.

First, make them happy, then encourage them to spend more

It’s that simple. Take every possible step to build trust in your holiday shoppers, to help them find what they are looking for – it can be a great deal or an inspirational idea guide about what to buy for their loved ones -, involve the channels and devices that your shoppers love to use, and offer exclusive events, even in the form of a loyalty program.

All fired up to learn more about how a loyalty program can help to drive more holiday sales for you? Then book a demo.

Headshot of Timi Garai Senior Business Analyst at Antavo

Timi Garai

Timi is a Senior Business Analyst at Antavo. She has helped numerous eCommerce, physical retailers and B2C brands strengthen customer loyalty, and significantly increase annual revenue. Timi is also the head organizer of one of the largest anime conventions in Europe.

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