7 Reasons to Pick a No-Code Loyalty Platform

By using a no-code platform businesses can save time, cut costs, and automate processes. Drag-and-drop interfaces allow for easy development.

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Having multiple departments work together in order to reach common goals is always a complex process. This is especially true in the case of projects like loyalty programs, where administrators, marketing experts, and other roles need to cooperate on a daily basis to create and run new offers and campaigns. In order to facilitate each department’s workflow as much as possible, you might want to consider using a no-code platform. Let’s see exactly what this means.

Why Choose a No-Code Loyalty Platform?

You, as someone who plays an important role in your company’s CRM or marketing efforts, might feel powerless and frustrated when it comes to managing a SaaS product, because it seems IT is needed everywhere. And there’s a shortage of engineers all over the world. In this case you will surely appreciate the concept of no-code platforms, which aim to make software development as easy as using Word, PowerPoint, or other PowerPoint alternatives. A no-code programming platform uses a visual development interface that enables non-technical users to create features by dragging and dropping software components, without the need for coding experience. This concept closes the gap between the ever-growing demand for new features and the limited amount of software developers available. The average business user can move projects forward without the extra cost of an engineering team. 

No-code development platforms also come in very handy when a company doesn’t have dedicated developers, as they are designed to meet basic needs and create necessary business processes without requiring coding. According to Gartner, 65% of application development will be low-code by 2024. Though this percentage refers to low-code technology, it includes no-code platforms as a subset of the greater low-code tool market.

These platforms utilize visual user interfaces as opposed to text editors, and they generally offer pre-built templates as well. Users can select features from the drag-and-drop functions and dropdown menus and visual adjustments, like brand colors, are usually available as well. It’s that simple to create a new process without ever learning to code.

A no-code platform also works great for designing a loyalty program. Accessibility is an industry trend that no longer applies to loyalty program members only — it applies to program owners and administrators as well. That’s why Antavo designed its Workflows module to be no-code, so staff members can create, run and modify loyalty campaigns & offers without any assistance from the IT team.

 Antavo’s no-code technology can be used to increase the effectiveness of loyalty campaigns
Antavo’s no-code technology can be used to increase the effectiveness of loyalty campaigns by micro-targeting AI-segmented customers with special rewards.

Let’s see who can benefit from using a no-code platform and how:

Marketers: Move Faster and Breathe Easier

A no-code loyalty platform allows administrators and marketers to manage rewards, campaigns and reporting on their own, without the need for coding knowledge or IT assistance. This ensures that time and money are only spent on tasks that really matter. Businesses can save time, automate processes, and alleviate developers’ workload. Entrepreneurs can save money and move faster by taking matters into their own hands.

  • Reason #1: Flexible Campaigns: A no-code platform allows marketers to create more flexible campaigns. It also makes it easier for them to think through the structure of campaigns, which can be more varied and personalized thanks to no-code platforms. By seeing each component, they will be able to exploit their creativity better to create new features and solutions.
No-code loyalty management technology presented by Antavo
The no-code loyalty management technology presented by Antavo opens up new opportunities for administrators and loyalty experts who want to run a highly personalized, responsive and flexible loyalty program.
  • Reason #2: More rewards: Extending your loyalty program with new types of rewards and point earning possibilities has never been easier. And it can be done without development.
  • Reason #3: Post-go-live changes: When alterations need to be made after the launch of the loyalty program, a no-code platform allows marketers to fine-tune after go-live. It also becomes faster and easier to react to customer feedback.
Launching premium subscription-only programs with unique rewards
The drag-and-drop interface makes creating and launching premium, subscription-only programs with unique rewards seamless.

IT Departments: Decrease Development Time

In every company, IT departments receive more requests for new tools or implementations than they have time for. A no-code platform helps developers clear backlogs quickly and efficiently so they can continue working on more complex and valuable projects, while user requests  are greatly reduced.

  • Reason #4: Reduced maintenance costs: System maintenance also costs less, and because there is no need for a developer-only admin or a person with technical approach, a smaller team is sufficient.
Specific rewards can reduce AI-estimated churn rate.
Specific rewards can be used to target customers who are predicted to churn based on AI and probability.

Partners, System Integrators and Agencies: Save Time and Energy

Working with a no-code platform for loyalty programs also carries benefits for partners, system integrators and agencies. The development time can be cut down significantly when there is no need to code. Another benefit is that enterprise no-code platforms provide high scalability, performance, security, and integration with enterprise applications. Time to value (TTV) is also reduced because, with an easier process, your loyalty program can be launched sooner. Companies save time, energy and human resources while generating money sooner.

  • Reason #5: Flexibility in business process design: A no-code platform is not only a great solution for users, but also for agencies who manage loyalty programs on behalf of their clients. Now the processes can be done in-house without having to outsource, strengthening the bond between parties. 
  • Reason #6: Integrated in-system solutions: The software environment ensures that users can work with integrated processes, not separate steps. Certain processes are already created, so there is no need for further development.
  • Reason #7: Reduced technical implementation costs: Implementation can be realized at a lower cost, making partners and agencies more competitive. 
Verifying loyalty reward ROI and efficacy with A/B testing.
Verifying reward ROI and efficacy with A/B testing is made easy thanks to no-code platforms.

Business Analyst: a Job on the Rise

In this new age where companies are facing engineer shortage, there is a role on the rise now. This is the position of a Business Analyst or Systems analysts, who are able to ‘code without actually coding’. These experts know how to create logical correlations and workflows based on business processes. They have a definite knowledge of specific tasks, or are able to get it from colleagues.

The responsibilities of the Business Analyst may be linked to the whole organization, or they may belong to particular areas or departments, depending on your company size. So in case of loyalty program configuration there may be a Business Analyst for the CRM team, or Marketing team, or related to Customer Acquisition and Retention, which may include more teams than marketing. Read more about the role here.

Enter The World of Coding Without Actually Coding

We’ll see more and more no-code platforms enter the market and reach the masses in the future. Not only large enterprises but also small businesses will benefit from this new trend. Even the least technical-minded people will be able to create and modify new features thanks to user-friendly drag-and-drop tools that enable users to envision the implementation process and execute new projects with ease.

In order to take advantage of all the cutting-edge features mentioned above, you’ll need to select a sophisticated, yet flexible loyalty technology provider. Although there are plenty of vendors out there, keep in mind that the most trailblazing capabilities are generally offered by pure-play loyalty providers, due to their sole focus on loyalty.

If you are interested in learning more about what Antavo’s Loyalty Management Platform has to offer, don’t hesitate to book a demo & invite us to your RFP.

In the meantime, here is a useful worksheet to help you effectively design your loyalty concept.

Headshot of Viktor Fasi Head of Product at Antavo Loyalty Management Platform

Viktor Fasi

Viktor is Antavo’s Head Of Product Management, with a background in nurturing exceptional products. He already helped Veeva (a startup unicorn) to become a billion-dollar company and is now working to build the best-of-breed loyalty management platform.

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