As a brand characterized by a strong sense of community, Love, Bonito set out to target modern Asian women by providing special treatment through a loyalty program. Moreover, the brand wanted to use the reward program to improve the omnichannel customer journey and create a vehicle to test and push specific initiatives.


Loyalty Program Elements

Surprise benefits:

Members receive birthday perks, surprise rewards, and other benefits based on their tier

Book a stylist:

Gold members can book a private session with one of the brand’s Styles Ambassadors

Mobile Wallet:

Customers are able to identify themselves in-store with a digital loyalty card

Discover how Antavo helped Love, Bonito create an
omnichannel loyalty solution to strengthen brand love

“Our loyalty program, LBCommunity+ serves as a love letter to our customers, who we affectionately refer to as our #LBCommunity. Listening and responding to our customer’s needs to become part of our community and enjoy engaging content and perks is what Love, Bonito believes in and we are thrilled with the ability to adapt the LBCommunity+ Loyalty program to the changing and growing expectations of our customers.”

Vanessa Yeo Barger
VP Brand, Love, Bonito