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How To Build Fashion Brand Loyalty

As all seasoned retailers and brands will know, peak season is the most important trading period in the year. It’s […]

As all seasoned retailers and brands will know, peak season is the most important trading period in the year. It’s also the most prominent engagement period for you and your customers.

The customer journey often times starts online whether at a marketplace or in a search, and then through to your site. Throughout peak season, customers will return as they go through their purchase decision. In the age of hyper-targeting, brands and retailers will use every channel to reach and retarget consumers as they fight for a share of their “holiday wallet”. For many brands and retailers, the discount frenzy that ensues becomes an unavoidable fate.

But what if you were able to have a two-way dialogue with your customers every time they visited your site? From simple rewards for referring a friend to championing your customers for getting in shape for Christmas, focusing on loyalty can set your customer relationships up for 2019 and beyond – especially in fashion and retail.

Also, GDPR has left many brands and retailers out in the cold, as e-mail lists have been whittled down in the quest for permission-led marketing. Peak season is a great time for brands to recuperate some of your losses

In this webinar, we will try to give you ideas how to strengthen the engagement with your customers to have them back in the following year – and well, forever, right?

Watch the webinar here with Rohini Contractor, VP UK, data and marketing expert, and Jörn Roegler, Head of Customer Success, personally helping all of Antavo’s fashion clients, hosted by Zsuzsa Kecsmar, co-founder and CMO of Antavo.

We mentioned an ebook during the webinar – you can download it here: “How to create a successful loyalty program for fashion”

So what’s next?

Launching a lean program or implementing some little tweaks doesn’t take much effort, but can pay off in the long run. Contact us if we could help with how can you start off. Rohini or Jörn is happy to talk with you.

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Zsuzsa Kecsmar

Zsuzsa is CCO and Co-founder of Antavo, listed by Forbes as one of Europe’s top 100 female founders in tech. After acting as Antavo’s CMO for nearly a decade, she took over the role to help the company’s clients. She is also a former journalist and has been awarded by the European Commission.

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