[Customer Loyalty Minutes] Black Friday for Retail – Off With the Discounts!

At Antavo we have one mission statement: helping customers belong to communities, based on shared values. On a practical level […]

At Antavo we have one mission statement: helping customers belong to communities, based on shared values. On a practical level it means we help fashion and retail companies to create a better customer experience and improve their KPIs. We kept this in mind when launching a new version of our product and creating a new website, making numerous resources available about the topic, including ebooks, case studies and blog articles.

We’ve also decided to add another format to the mix: videos!

Today marks the arrival of our new vlog series, Antavo Customer Loyalty Minutes, a show about customer engagement and retention tactics that go beyond transactions in fashion and retail. Our videos will be released every week and we’ll discuss trending topics with experts in their fields.

In our debut episode we talk about Black Friday – a timely subject – and how some companies have decided to fight against discount culture and show strong branding, which ultimately leads to higher customer lifetime value.

Avoiding the ‘Markdown Mayhem’ During Black Friday

In our first video Rohini Contractor, VP UK at Antavo and data and marketing expert, discusses whether or not there is a better alternative to discounts during retail holidays such as Black Friday. The idea originates from James Eden, whose company, Private White V.C., announced that they’ll be offering a 0% discount during the big sales rush.

Our conversation quickly turned into a creative brainstorm session, as Rohini and I kept coming up with better alternatives to compromising your profit margin with massive price cuts. Here’s a little preview of the video:

[Tweet “”Find the value in your values, and share them with your customers””]
[Tweet “”Engage customers in their lifestyle””]
[Tweet “”Find common ground with shoppers through shared””]
[Tweet “”Foster brand alignment via scarcity and exclusivity””]

Tune In for More

The Black Friday episode is the first in a long series of videos that we’ve prepared for you. Customer Loyalty Minutes will return with other subjects as we continue keeping our fingers on the pulse of the fashion and retail industry.

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Headshot of Zsuzsa Kecsmar, Co-founder, CMO and Head of Partnerships at Antavo

Zsuzsa Kecsmar

Zsuzsa is the Co-founder, CMO and Head of Partnerships of Antavo. She has experienced Antavo grow from a startup into a scaleup. Listed by Forbes as one of Europe’s top 100 female founders in tech, Zsuzsa is a former journalist recognized by the European Commission.

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