Top Customer Loyalty Conferences in 2022 [Updated]

Customer loyalty conferences are a unique opportunity for marketers to network and share their knowledge. We provide you the most illustrious events of 2021.

Top Customer Loyalty Conferences in 2022

If you’re a CMO or CRM head like me, then there’s no doubt you’re always on the lookout for new ways to keep customers engaged and happy. For me, nothing beats receiving practical info and meeting industry peers at customer loyalty conferences, compared to larger conferences where there are just too many people.

Attending a summit or conference (either in person or virtually) dedicated to loyalty is a great opportunity to hear other people’s perspectives and exchange ideas. And let’s not forget that you learn while also having fun! Most events include interactive workshops, client success stories, and other engagement activities. 

To help you navigate the world of customer loyalty conferences, I put together a list featuring the top 5 loyalty events you should keep an eye on in 2022. 

#1. CRMC 2022

Titled as ‘Discovering New Frontiers’, CRMC 2022 is an event that aims to bring together more than 200 brands under one roof to see the big CRM picture and to learn applicable, real-world solutions and strategies.

History of the CRMC conferences:

  • Over 700 marketing leaders invited 
  • More than 20 big brand attendees as speakers
  • 18 Case studies presented

CRMC workshops provide an extended view of the industry, with topics involving technology, economics, sustainability, and loyalty. 

CRMC 2022
The CRMC 2022 will feature among others diverse expert keynotes, decision-makers, top solution providers, and peer-to-peer networking.

#2. International Conference on Customer Experience and Loyalty Management

An event geared towards the academic demographic, this conference aims to bring together scolars and researchers to discuss  all aspects of Customer Experience and Loyalty Management.

Key highlights of past conferences:

  • Digital and physical presentations 
  • 9 selected papers
  • 2 days of presentations and scholarly discussions
The conference also provides a premier stage for researchers, practitioners, and educators.
The conference also provides a premier stage for researchers, practitioners, and educators to discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns regarding customer loyalty.

#3. Loyalty Expo 

Dedicated to helping marketers listen to the voice of the customer, the Loyalty Expo is both a customer loyalty conference and an award ceremony called Loyalty 360 Awards.

Highlights from previous Loyalty Expos:

  • 50+ Speakers
  • Over 25 sessions, including keynote speeches and roundtable talks
  • Presentations from the finalists of six award categories
  • Cocktail reception

Besides evergreen subjects such as shopping experience, relationship management, and social media engagement, the Loyalty Expo also focuses on often overlooked topics, such as the adoption of new payment technologies. 

Customer Loyalty Conferences - Loyalty 360 Awards 2022
With the Loyalty 360 Awards, the organizers aim to recognize companies that have deepened the relationship with their customers.

#4. Loyalty & Awards 2022

Unlike the other entries on the list, the Loyalty & Awards is a conference geared towards the travel industry. From airlines and hotels to booking platforms and vehicle rental services, any company linked to the travel industry is welcome. The registration for the 2022 event is already open. 

The conference has a long history behind it, with the 17th iteration coming next year. What you can expect:

History of the CRMC conferences:

  • 80 companies represented from all over the world
  • 30 speakers from the travel industry
  • 250 attendees from 42 countries

What makes this event worth your attention is the titular award ceremony. Companies that are innovators in the travel industry can be nominated in five categories, like ‘Best loyalty partnership’ or ‘Best marketing campaign’.

The global meeting of travel loyalty experts.
If you work in the travel industry, the Loyalty & Awards event is a great opportunity to learn about new solutions.

#5. 2022 Sydney Loyalty Networking Event

The Australian Loyalty Association also launches their inaugural 2022 ALA Annual Consumer Research Report at the 2022 Sydney Networking Dinner Event held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney.

The event will feature:

  • A seated dinner and networking
  • A keynote presentation that will explore the key findings from Australia’s largest loyalty research project
  • All attendees of the event will receive a complimentary copy of the report

The annual report provides insights into the hearts and minds of consumers using qualitative exploration, social listening and the largest quantitative survey in the market. It also illuminates customer preferences, drivers of engagement and provides industry benchmarks on key business metrics.

Banner for 2022 Sydney Networking Dinner Event.
The report also reveals how customers feel about emerging trends for engaging customers through mechanisms such as cryptocurrency, NFTs and sustainability.

Let’s Meet Up!

I hope I managed to showcase at least one customer loyalty conference that’s close to your location. If not, let me know! We can give you advice on other channels as well. 

We organize webinars all year long. So, if you are in learning mode and wish to know more about loyalty and customer retention here are some ebooks and case studies on topics related to customer loyalty programs. 

Also if you you’re thinking about launching or revamping a loyalty program and require assistance, our experts are more than happy to discuss your options with you. Just book a demo or include us in your RFP.

Until then, read our definitive guide to learn more about the must-have features, program types and, of course, a smooth launch of loyalty programs.

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