Antavo Introduces the Loyalty Program Genius AI to Spread Loyalty Insight

Antavo has launched the Loyalty Program Genius AI! Read the thoughts of Zsuzsa Kecsmar, Antavo’s Co-founder & CSO, for this initiative.

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At this point, you probably have heard about (and tried out) our Loyalty Program Genius AI, and you would like to find out how the industry’s smartest loyalty AI came to be.

We launched the Loyalty Program Genius AI because we wanted a GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformers) for loyalty program managers, customer loyalty experts and product owners. This way they can have a true loyalty expert at their fingertips 24/7 for gathering professional insight and best practices around loyalty programs.

Think of it as a know-it-all who is your thinking buddy and brainstorming partner who knows all about loyalty programs. Just like Hermione Granger, except she is not an expert in wizardry, but in loyalty programs. (I believe she would be excellent in loyalty programs too, if she decided to switch careers.)

After launching the Genius AI we received the following feedback:

  • Well done, this is amazing innovation and very useful.” – Adam Posner, Loyalty Specialist and CEO of The Point of Loyalty
  • “You guys are continuously changing the game” – Tim Nicholson, Global Head of Enterprise Partnerships at SKUx
  • “This is insanely good. You guys are trailblazing” – George O. Wilson – Loyalty expert 

Pragati Sinha commented on my announcement on Linkedin saying: “Trust is the number one feeling I had when trying out the app yesterday vs. ChatGPT. I felt like I could trust the outputs I was receiving because it was trained with the best data.”

And this is exactly our goal.

We want to train this AI tool on resources we truly trust, and below I will detail each one – and update this post when we have new resources.

The sources we trained the AI on:

1. Antavo’s blog on loyalty programs and customer loyalty

Antavo Loyalty Cloud is the company I co-founded. We are an SaaS loyalty program technology provider, with customers such as Kathmandu, KFC, and global companies in fashion retail.

I started blogging on Antavo years ago, and haven’t stopped ever since. Now the company has over 100 employees, and our team of loyalty experts is writing about how we empower our customers, loyalty program reviews, guides, reports and of course our own tech. Over the years, we have produced content that is worth 5 books.  

A group photo of the Antavo team from the 2023 Antavo Days.
Antavo is a 100-people tech company that we started years ago. Today our loyalty program platform is used by the best brands globally.

2. Amanda Cromhout’s book: Blind Loyalty

Amanda is a loyalty consultant and founder of Truth, the loyalty consultancy based in South Africa. She is also the founder of the Blind Loyalty Trust that is an NGO to grant vision for under-privileged patients. She was International Loyalty Person of the Year in 2022, she organizes conferences and loyalty program trainings. You may think she does many things, and you are right – here is her personal website to learn more.

But most importantly she is the author of Blind Loyalty, a book of 101 loyalty concepts, that are simplified into two pages each. Here’s her book on Amazon.

I was happy to meet Amanda in person this year, finally. Thank you Amanda for all that you do!

3. Rasmus Houlind’s book: Hello $FirstName

Rasmus is Chief Experience Officer, at Agillic, the marketing automation software. His book goes deep into personalization. Putting your customers’ first name into a message is Level 1, and you can get to Level 100! There are use cases and inspiration, and copy that talks to you: describing the thoughts and feelings of Marketing, CRM and Loyalty professionals. Like little case studies in each chapter.

His co-writers include Mattias Andersson, Frans Riemersma and Arild Horsberg. Buy the book here – it comes in multiple versions.

Rasmus is a second-time author and of course very skilled in marketing himself. He launched the book with the analogy of tying a bow tie. It’s hard! Just like personalization until you learn how to do it.

4. The transcripts of Iain Pringle’s The Loyalty Podcast series

Iain Pringle is a loyalty consultant, thought leader and Managing Partner of New World Loyalty. However, the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear his name is his loyalty-themed podcast – aptly named the ‘Loyalty Podcast‘ – that Iain has been running for many years now. He frequently invites well-known experts as guests, such as Phil Shelper, CEO of Loyalty & Rewards Co. or Phil Rubin, Founder & Principal of Grey Space Matters to discuss relevant topics.

If you want a fresh perspective on topics such as ‘joyalty’, then the Loyalty Podcast is definitely worth listening to.

Try the AI

The most important is that you play around with the Loyalty Program Genius AI, and ask great questions. Let me know how it goes! The best way is to reach out to me on Linkedin, looking forward to hearing from you!

Headshot of Zsuzsa Kecsmar, Co-founder, CMO and Head of Partnerships at Antavo

Zsuzsa Kecsmar

Zsuzsa is the Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder of Antavo. She has experienced Antavo grow from a startup into a scaleup. Listed by Forbes as one of Europe’s top 100 female founders in tech, Zsuzsa is a former journalist recognized by the European Commission.

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