7 Customer Activities to Reward in Your Loyalty Program

Engaging With Customers in a Meaningful Way

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case studies include

The way of finding the best customer
interactions for your loyalty program

  • Tracking customer behavior
    before and after check-out

  • Turning interactions with
    the brand into activities and
    cherry-picking the promising ones

  • Promoting useful behavior by
    assigning the right reward to it

  • And don’t forget to
    constantly fine-tune and
    improve the system!


Zsuzsa Kecsmar


“Customer interactions are the epicenter of your loyalty program. From their point of view it’s a series of action required to accumulate points and earn rewards. But the situation is completely different on your side. Without carefully curating the pool of interactions you won’t be able to advance your company. But I’m here to help and show you that with the right perspective and approach no goal is too high.”



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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get practical advice for incentivizing loyalty activities?

Absolutely, this book goes far beyond armchair economy and provides easy-to-understand rundown on the issues, with numerous stats, statistics and examples to prove our point. We at Antavo are invested in offering valuable strategy for our clients, and we always keep our finger on the pulse of the retail industry. If you have questions and want clear answers, contact us here.

Is a loyalty program worth it?

When done with care and research, a loyalty program is a huge asset in gathering brand loyalists, improving purchase rate and having a better relationship with customers overall. Still, it’s difficult to get it right on your own. You need to lay down the foundation correctly, develop a thorough budget plan and come up with an alluring reward system. Interested in learning more? Our library of ebooks has all the knowledge you need.