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Antavo’s cover for its article about adding the freemium model to loyalty programs.
Articles by Zsuzsa Kecsmar • July 6, 2023 • 7 min read

The Freemium Model in Loyalty Programs – The Next Big Trend

Freemium loyalty programs are a growing trend. Learn how you can combine free and premium benefits to both engage and nurture your customers.

The cover for Antavo’s article about the Lillydoo Club loyalty program.
Articles by Barbara Kekes-Szabo • June 29, 2023 • 5 min read

Lillydoo Club: A Subscription-Driven Loyalty Program That Fits Members’ Lives Perfectly

Find out how Lillydoo Club, the subscription-driven loyalty program, makes changing diapers fun.

The cover of Antavo’s article about social proof.
Articles by Barbara Kekes-Szabo • June 22, 2023 • 13 min read

Social Proof: How Customers Get Inspired, With 12 Real-Life Examples and Best Practices

Social proof plays a crucial role in influencing customer behavior. See 12 ways customers can get inspired to make a purchase from you.

Guides by Zsuzsa Kecsmar • June 15, 2023 • 15 min read

How Much Will a Successful Loyalty Program Cost You?

Do you know how much launching a loyalty program costs? Avoid going over budget and check out the best cost-saving practices for reward systems.

Cover for Antavo’s case study article on the MyModanisa loyalty program
Articles by Tamas Oszi • June 8, 2023 • 5 min read

MyModanisa Loyalty Program: A Truly Multi-Country Experience

Get inspired by the MyModanisa loyalty program, a multi-country, reward system centered on desirable benefits and incentivized reviews.

Antavo’s cover for its guide about spending loyalty
Guides by Timi Garai • June 1, 2023 • 18 min read

How to Prevent Customers From Sitting on Their Loyalty Points

It’s a myth that customers not spending their loyalty points saves money for the brand. Learn how to reduce point liability in a loyalty program.

Antavo’s cover for its article reviewing the Sweetgreen Sweet Pass.
Reviews by Tamas Oszi • May 25, 2023 • 8 min read

Sweetgreen Loyalty Program Review: A Treat for the Heart & Wallet

Is the subscription-based, exclusivity-focused Sweetgreen loyalty program as fresh as they say, or does Sweetpass need some extra seasoning?

A cover image for sustainable loyalty programs blog article.
Articles by Joanne Yulan Jong • May 18, 2023 • 9 min read

Rewards Without Compromise: Harness Sustainable Loyalty Programs and Change Consumers’ Minds

Learn how to create a sustainable loyalty program that shapes your customers’ relationship with the environment.

Designing a Loyalty Program Concept: Everything You Need to Know
Guides by Zsuzsa Kecsmar • May 4, 2023 • 18 min read

37 Loyalty Program Best Practices to Build the Perfect Concept

Ensure your customer loyalty program’s success with our comprehensive checklist of best practices. Audit your loyalty program and take it to the next level.

The cover image for Antavo’s Deep Sapphire Product Release article
Releases by Viktor Fasi • April 27, 2023 • 2 min read

Deep Sapphire Q1/2023 Product Release: New CPG & Umbrella Loyalty Program Capabilities

Each and every loyalty program faces its own challenges. Some businesses want their loyalty programs to make customer engagements more […]

Articles by Timi Garai • April 13, 2023 • 15 min read

8 Metrics You Can’t Do Customer Loyalty Analytics Without

Discover eight must-have loyalty benchmarks that you shouldn’t do without when it comes to customer loyalty analytics.

Antavo’s cover for its article about brand loyalty
Articles by Barbara Kekes-Szabo • April 6, 2023 • 17 min read

How 11 Global Brands Built Armies of Loyal Followers

Discover how 11 global brands built armies of loyal followers. Build brand loyalty with our insider tips and strategies.