Retail Trends 2024: Predictions vs. Reality

Have our top 5 retail trends 2024 predictions become a reality? Take a look at resale growth, retail media, and payment trends in 2024.

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In a vertical as diverse and fast-paced as retail, trend predictions often feel like a cross between magic and science. Think about it as a little bit of guesswork mixed with quite a bit of data. When it comes to retail trends in 2024, there are countless innovative solutions emerging. In today’s article, we will be looking at the future of retail in 2024, including retail media networks, resale growth, utilizing social commerce and payment options alike.

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Trend #1: Digital Resale Growth – Where Values Meet Finances

Prediction: Customer habits will change and the second-hand market will expand due to a few different key factors (economic, environmental, personal) working in tandem. Resale sites have already experienced astronomical growth in the past few years and are predicted to continue to grow in the future. In fact, the global secondhand apparel market is forecasted to reach a whopping $350 billion in revenue by 2028.

Reality:  Buying habits have significantly changed. More and more people are considering second-hand items both in the everyday and luxury market, looking for quality, value, and cost-effectiveness. Sites like ThredUp, DePop, Poshmark, eBay, and, on the luxury side, TheRealReal are experiencing an overflow of transactions, with the resale industry growing 7x faster than the broader retail clothing market.

The RealReal luxury marketplace enables sales online and in-app
As the world’s largest marketplace for authenticated luxury resale, The RealReal has become known as a modern-day treasure chest for fashion enthusiasts, making sales fast and easy online or in the app.

The Reasons Behind Resale’s Rapid Growth

  • Sustainability: Customers see the value in choosing a more sustainable option by purchasing pre-owned items instead of buying into fast-fashion trends.
  • Affordability: With inflation and the general cost of living being through the roof, buying pre-owned items has become the only way for many people to keep up when it comes to everyday clothing.
  • Earning by selling: Resale sites like Vinted (downloaded 32.8 million times in 2023) make it easy for users to declutter and sell unwanted items, which is a win-win situation for buyers, sellers, and the marketplace itself.
  • No-buy / low-buy trends across social media: As overconsumption and the damage it causes become more apparent every day, many customers employ lifestyle changes. The result is that shoppers don’t buy new items for months at a time or even a year. The exception to the rule in many cases is buying pre-loved clothing.
Poshmark offers live shopping to its members
Taking the purchase experience to the next level, the popular retail site Poshmark offers an innovative live shopping opportunity for customers.

Trend #2: Customer Feedback Brings Competitive Advantage – This Is Why You Should Listen to Your Audience

Prediction: Brands will start engaging with their customers like never before. Brands that use social media like a Swiss Army knife will come out on top. Just like the world-famous gadget, social media can be a powerful and multifaceted tool if used correctly. 

Reality: In 2024, we can say with certainty that social media has established itself as not only a platform for brands to sell their products, but also a place that fuels their future growth, product development, and, last but not least, their reputation. Brands that learn to utilize it well, especially Social listening, are met with a goldmine of customer data. 

Social listening is a modern and useful tool for marketers
Social listening has become one of the most useful tools in a brand’s marketing kit. Seeing what your audience thinks about your products and services enables you to elevate your entire strategy. 

The Perfect Example of Turning Criticism Into a Major Win 

Let’s look at how Béis, the luggage brand, wields social media to its advantage. Founded by actress Shay Mitchell, the company has recently faced backlash on social media, where people complained about how quickly their products started to show wear and tear. Instead of turning a blind eye, the brand decided to face the issue head-on.

Béis decided to build a car wash-style pop-up establishment called Béis Wash, where customers could have their dirty luggage cleaned for free. 

This venture was highly successful, resulting in thousands of new followers, merch sales, media exposure, and priceless WoM and PR. It shows how important it is to take responsibility and not just credit.


From URL to IRL… roll on over to the BÉIS Wash! Swing by THIS WEEKEND February 24th and 25th for a free wash + shine on your BÉIS Weekenders and Rollers. THE DETAILS: Give your bag a refresh with the help of Scrub Daddy + Branch Basics, fuel up with Chamberlain Coffee, and shop exclusive bundle discounts! Mark your calendars + find the full details online at the link in our bio

♬ original sound – Beis Travel
Béis’s social strategy of taking responsibility and acknowledging their followers’ concerns showed true commitment and earned appreciation from customers.

Trend #3: Social Commerce Still Going Strong – Shopping at Your Absolute Convenience

Prediction: Social media will be a lucrative avenue for the retail industry, allowing them to harness social proof, seamless integrations, and users’ tendency to switch from search engines to social platforms in the TOFU phase of the customer journey. Social commerce earnings are reportedly well on their way to hitting an astounding $80 billion by 2025, becoming one of the primary platforms for online purchases around the globe. 

Reality: While site preference relies largely on generational differences, with Baby Boomers still favoring more old-school options like Facebook, and Gen-Z quickly adapting to newer options like TikTok Shop, it’s undeniable that social commerce has become a major force in retail worldwide. It has become so prevalent that it has become a challenger even for leading eCommerce sites like Amazon.

Social commerce is a fast-growing segment of online retail
Social commerce is one of the fastest-growing segments of online retail due to its versatility, convenience, and multi-generational appeal. 

The Reasons Behind the Success of Social Commerce

  • Convenience: Social commerce allows users to buy directly from the platform without having to visit a different website.
  • Social proof: Users can immediately see likes, shares, comments, reviews, and ratings.
  • Influence: Shoppers can get inspired, watch “how-it-works” videos, and immediately shop for the products recommended to them by their community or influencers
  • AR filters: Shoppers can use enhanced filters to instantly try on a product, taking both the “guessing game” and in-store hassle out of the picture.
TikTok Shop offers myriad options for sellers
TikTok Shop offers myriad options for sellers. Utilizing its technological advancement, retailers can advertise in Shoppable Videos, on the Shop Page, or even in Live Shopping, making online shopping more tangible than ever.

Trend #4: Retail Media Networks Are Taking Over – Turning the Retail Advertisement World Upside Down

Prediction: Building upon the rapid growth of retail media networks in previous years, companies will streamline their operations, and more verticals will start offering similar services. According to recent data, the global retail media network market is on course to reach an estimated USD 7.3 Billion by 2032

Reality: Retail media has become its own advertisement empire. It enables advertisers to target customers with personalized ads — using first-party data — much closer to the point of sale than any other form of advertisement. Retail Media Networks that currently offer these types of advertising channels to brands were brought to life by retail giants such as Amazon, Walmart, and Kroger. Moreover, other verticals are starting to adapt to the new model, with Marriott International leading the way with its Travel Media Network.

The Walmart Connect retail media network offers personalized ads
The Walmart Connect retail media network offers advertisers a brand-new way to reach their target audience, using first-party data to personalize their messages.

Why Retail Media Network Offerings Work So Well Both Online and In-Store

  • Instead of casting a wider net for a bigger audience at the beginning of their buyers’ journey, targeting customers with clear buying intent enables brands to streamline budgets and optimize ROI.
  • Personalized offerings have a much better chance of converting search into purchase.
  • Allows brands to utilize the first-party data they’re losing as a result of recent privacy regulations.
  • Website solutions include: sponsored products, sponsored brands, search ads, display ads, or email ads.
  • In-store solutions include: displays, digital screens, Connected TV (CTV), email, and mobile push notifications.
Kroger Precision Marketing offers both in-store and online solutions
Kroger Precision Marketing offers both in-store and online solutions for advertisers with digital coupons, display ads, CTV solutions, showcasing the full scope of retail media network capabilities.

Trend #5: Payment Method Innovations – “Easy Come, Easy Go” Is the Whole Point

Prediction: Constant innovation will be on retailer’s minds. This is especially true when it comes to online and offline payment options because they provide a frictionless and convenient shopping experience for all niches. Users are always ready and willing to experiment with new technologies, as long their criteria are met. 

Reality: Answering the question “What do consumers want in 2024?” is rather simple: they want a safe, fast, and convenient way to shop. According to recent reports, industry-leader payment processors (Visa, Mastercard, J.P. Morgan) are ready to bring out the latest — and biggest — innovation in recent history: revolutionizing transactions using biometric technology. Soon, shoppers will be able to complete payments using their palm prints, fingerprints, or facial recognition. The technology is already being tested.

J.P. Morgan’s biometric technology makes the payment process easy, comfortable, and overall seamless for F1 fans.

Some of the Most Significant Options on the Market Today Are

Antavo’s Mobile Wallet Solution enables retailers to reach customers at in-store touchpoints.
Antavo’s Mobile Wallet Solution enables retailers to identify customers in their stores, enroll them into the loyalty program, and reach them via push notifications.

How Loyalty Programs Support Innovation in Retail

The rapid growth of the online resale segment has brought forth a question that every saturated market must face sooner or later: ”How do I stand out from the crowd?”. A loyalty program is the perfect solution to acknowledge and reward your customers’ dedication, offer exclusive benefits like VIP in-store event invitations, and compensate sustainable actions with extra points.

Loyalty programs also offer the perfect omnichannel capabilities for retailers to connect online, mobile, and in-store experiences for a complete 360 personalized approach, recognizing, engaging, and rewarding customers at every touch point. 

Plus, with a special emphasis on social media platforms, retailers are able to engage and activate an even wider audience segment, involving them in competitions and hashtag contests, or creating ambassador programs by employing elaborate tier systems

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