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Urban Leopard Ventures Pte Ltd

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Company description

Urban Leopard Ventures stands at the forefront of business innovation, specializing in revolutionizing loyalty programs and addressing skill gaps.

Their approach is centered on agility and adaptation, ensuring their business not only responds to market trends but leads them. With their expertise, they turn challenges into opportunities, driving growth and innovation in their organization.

Solution overview
  • Consultancy and Strategic Advisory Services: Tailored strategies for loyalty program management, design and transformation, enhancing customer engagement and retention.
  • Resource Solutions: Quick deployment of top-tier professionals to fill critical skill gaps, ensuring seamless integration and immediate impact.
  • Offer customized solutions for dynamic market adaptation, propelling their business towards unprecedented success.
How we work together
  • Antavo has an advanced loyalty management system. Urban Leopard Ventures is a consultancy and strategic advisory for loyalty program operators.
  • Urban Leopard Ventures partners with Antavo to recommend its pure-play Loyalty Engine for appropriate projects and to help spread business awareness about loyalty program trends.
  • The two companies have worked together in the past with an SI where Antavo was being implemented.
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