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The Point of Loyalty

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Company description

The Point of Loyalty provides loyalty program design and profitability modelling to retain and grow the value of customers. They have commissioned 17 independent consumer research studies on customer loyalty & loyalty programs.

They believe the performance of loyalty assets needs to be VALUABLE to:

  1. The business (profitable & sustainable)
  2. Members (add value to their lives)
  3. The Team (believe & buy-in).

Enabled by fit-for-purpose technology, data insights for action & dynamic personalised member dialogue.

Solution overview
  • Leadership alignment: What is loyalty to their brand?
  • Do you really need a loyalty program? diagnostic defines vision, goals & success measures
  • Design Quality Program Propositions with Six Currencies Customers Care about
  • Buying behavitheir & value segmentation analysis
  • Member, non-member & team research
  • Program profitability: profit & loss, cashflow, balance sheet
  • Building a team of loyalty champions
  • Technology specification & evaluation
  • Program optimisation
How we work together
  • Build the concept for unique loyalty programs and realize the concept using industry-leading technology
  • Use data-driven decision-making when building your loyalty program
  • Find the best loyalty tech partners for the project
Melbourne Australia
4 employees

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