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The Ellipsis team have unmatched expertise. Their proven track record in owning and operating loyalty programs helps maximize their revenue and reduce their risk.

They design, launch and scale loyalty programs: applying behavioural science to develop innovative propositions, leveraging embedded technology to drive growth.

Their focus is always ensuring they help you acquire new customers, reduce churn, maximise customer lifetime value and Return on Loyalty®

Solution overview
  • Provide end to end services that encompass program design, implementation, operation and optimising customer loyalty programs and initiatives.
  • Diagnose: Advanced analytics to understand their customers
  • Design: Innovative loyalty propositions that profitably change customer behavitheir
  • Implement: Embed the best platforms to launch successfully
  • Operate: Efficient execution and management of the program strategy
  • Optimise: Program performance and ROI is maximised
How we work together
  • The partnership between Ellipsis and Antavo allows loyalty goals and visions to be successfully launched.
  • Ellipsis provides deep loyalty and market expertise with program design pedigree and world class loyalty analytics services.
  • Antavo provides a responsive and innovative product roadmap.
  • This collaboration ensures that clients receive expert guidance that enhances loyalty propositions, drives success for businesses and delivers ROI.
Sydney, Australia
20 employees

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