How to Create a Successful Loyalty Program for Fashion

The Complete ebook for Fashion Marketers

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case studies include

The benefits offered by
loyalty programs for fashion brands

  • Better loyalty logic: the
    difference between redemption
    and recognition loyalty

  • Reducing customer
    acquisition costs
    through referral benefits

  • Better experience
    overall through
    incentivized activities

  • Understanding customers
    by building a unified
    customer profile


Zsuzsa Kecsmar


“It’s no secret that fashion and loyalty go hand-in-hand. This ebook includes a key ingredient: insight from our own clients, customer challenges we’ve solved together while planning their loyalty programs. I know launching a loyalty program is a big project. As a fellow marketing professional I am here to help.”



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We created this ebook with B2C marketing and CRM managers in mind and it is our wish to cater to your professional needs concerning loyalty management as much as possible. This is why you are asked to provide some information about your professional self before downloading this free ebook. Don’t worry, we take privacy very seriously.

Where can I learn more about fashion loyalty programs?

Head to the Antavo Resources hub for more useful ebooks, videos, infographics and guides. If you are curious on how loyalty programs work with clients from the fashion business, check out our case studies. And we would love to book a session where we can tell you more – feel free to contact us!