How to Make Your Loyalty Program Rewards Irresistible


Every great story can be ruined by clichés.

Ordinary rewards can also ruin your loyalty program’s success story. Why? Because customers are immune to them.

To avoid this happening, just make your rewards so irresistibly sexy that your customers can’t get enough of them.

It may seem impossible or mysterious at first, but it’s easier than you think. To help you, I have collected five different out-of-the-box approaches that can help to pimp up your reward list.

(If you read our previous post, you may have already created your reward system; now you can boost your list with some creative ideas! :))

1. Special experiences

Customers love unforgettable experiences that make them feel special. Here are some experience-oriented reward examples:

  • VIP event: A bookshop shows how real books are printed.
  • Best practice course: A beauty retailer helps customers learn from professional make-up vloggers by hosting a course.
  • Contest: A bodybuilding supplement store launches a contest to choose the customer with a perfect body and offers the winner a free photo-shoot session.

By the way: Experience-type rewards can help you to reduce your loyalty program expenses, because you won’t have to deal with the logistics.

2. VIP rewards for your valuable customers

Keeping your brand advocates happy is crucial for your business. Your loyalty program is a great platform from which to talk directly to them and reward their loyal behaviour with VIP offers.

  • Member-only offers: The bookshop allows its VIP customers to buy autographed copies of Harry Potter books.
  • Early access: The beauty retailer allows its VIP customers to buy the latest eyeliners before they are officially released to the public.
  • Product test: The bodybuilding supplement store allows its VIP customers to test a three-month supply of protein packs from their manufacturer.

3. Once-in-a-lifetime swags

Offer something to your customers that they can’t get anywhere, anytime, just now in your store. Here are some nice examples:

  • Accessories: The bookshop offers 30 custom-designed Harry Potter bookmarks with their logo and Emma Watson’s autograph.
  • Products: The beauty retailer offers 25 seasonal packages from its own product samples with fragrances that will never go into mass distribution.
  • Virtual gifts: The bodybuilding shop offers desktop backgrounds with exclusive photos of the latest Miss Fitness Lady.

4. Personalisation always works

Personalisation may sound like a boring marketing term, but we still use it, as it’s still working. Customers always appreciate getting a reward based on their preferences. So don’t miss this great opportunity. Here are some ideas of how to do this.

  • Facebook cover image: The bookshop allows its customers to download Facebook cover images with quotes from the latest book they have purchased.
  • Gift packages: The beauty retailer offers eye shadows in a special colour blue to those who have blonde hair.
  • Mentor’s advice: The bodybuilding supplement store arranges a face-to-face meeting with the customer’s favourite bodybuilder.

5. Customers just wanna have fun

Finally: don’t take rewards too seriously. You don’t have to offer high-value stuff and VIP experiences all the time to make your loyalty program successful. Spicing your rewards with some fun factors also works.

  • Virtual badge: The bookshop offers a bookworm badge that customers can add to their profile and ‘wear’ when they are listed on the leaders’ board.
  • Membership card to imaginary clubs: In the beauty store, you can redeem a physical club card that will be posted to you showing that you belong to the: ‘I cannot forget Clooney married a lawyer’ club.
  • Avatar: The bodybuilding supplement store offers a personalised, comic-style ‘I have perfect six-packs’ avatar picture that can be also downloaded by the customer.

Do you see the big picture now?

These five approaches lead you through different ways to maximise the buzz around your loyalty program’s rewards.

Don’t get stuck with clichés and kill the fun.

Be brave enough to find out how to resonate with your customers and introduce rewards in your loyalty program that are more about emotions than monetary benefits.

Do you have any questions? Are you uncertain about your reward list? Our loyalty program expert team would be pleased to organise a Skype call with you. Contact us if you need a hand.

I also wrote an e-book about how to create the best rewards for your loyalty program. If you’d like to learn more, you can download it for free.

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