Antavo Business Continuity Plan — COVID-19

Answering the pressing situation of the Coronavirus outbreak, Antavo issues its business continuity plan, detailing the steps we took to upheld our service quality.

Regarding the Coronavirus outbreak, we felt it necessary to reflect on the situation and share with you Antavo’s business continuity plan, as well as the reasons behind our decisions. But first, let me preface that Antavo does anything in its power to provide its clients and partners the same high-quality customer support and technical service quality as before. With our business continuity plan in motion, you can focus on other important aspects, knowing that the Loyalty Management Platforms will function unhindered.

As for our business continuity plan, we issued the following steps:

  • Across all offices, Antavo’s employees are working from home office. We provided the full workforce with the necessary equipment and insight to establish a suitable environment to carry on with their tasks. This involves both the account managers and the loyalty strategists, who are available during the same work hours that are stated in Antavo’s SLA.
  • Similarly to customer support, we made sure that the current situation has zero impact on our technology. Antavo provides its clients and partners with a robust, secure and regularly maintained Loyalty Management Platform, and the team behind it are coordinating their efforts to solve any unexpected issue in record time.
  • We also made the difficult decision to postpone any of our planned live events and seminars for an indefinite period of time. This doesn’t mean that Antavo cuts its cord with its Audience though. Our team is organizing upcoming web events, such as webinars, so that brands and retailers receive the same high-quality industry insight they have come to expect from Antavo. Furthermore, our experts and loyalty strategists would still hold presentations and meetings, just in an online format, like video conferences.
  • We held a meeting with our CRM and loyalty experts to create recommendations for brands and retailers on how to refocus their marketing and customer loyalty activities during such uncertain times – as the current goal should be serving customers, instead of trying to selling to them.

In case you have further questions about Antavo’s business continuity plan, or as a client have specific guidelines you wish us to follow, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager, or reach out to us immediately through our contact form.

Attila Kecsmar

Attila is the CEO and Co-founder of Antavo. He has a solid IT background and has been a tech entrepreneur for over 15 years, and is also an expert in electrical technology. He combines a down-to-earth vision with inspiring enthusiasm, helping steer creativity and innovation at Antavo.

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