Global toy retailer Toys”R”Us was looking for a loyalty solution that answered to pressing challenges, including optimizing cost-effectiveness by merging the regional loyalty programs into one without losing value, and introducing new top-of-the-line loyalty features, such as gamification and omnichannel card management.


Loyalty Program Elements

Managing loyalty program for Toys”R”Us in

Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, and Australia

Features include tiers, birthday rewards,

sweepstakes, and various premium benefits

Point and turnover calculation to

support cost-effective program management

Discover how Antavo helped Toys”R”Us build an enterprise-grade loyalty program
that unified the loyalty experience across borders.

“We were tasked with solving the challenges of Toys”R”Us regional branches, each with their own expectations. From omnichannel to customer retention and smart customer management, we were able to help bring Toys”R”Us a solution that fit their enterprise needs.”

Attila Kecsmar
Co-founder and CEO, Antavo