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8 Odd Reasons Why Customers Abandon their Shopping Carts

In 2015, 68% of purchases initiated were not completed.

But do not worry. Every store, including the giants, has abandoned carts. People change their minds. Life happens. But there are many ways you can improve the odds.

Our friends from Snapparcel collected the main reasons why customers abandoned their shopping carts in 2015. Did you know that a simple progress bar can help a lot? Take advantage of Amazon’s and Apple’s best practices to sell more.

Check out this infographic to find the answers. (I’m sure it will help you to find the best cure for your high cart abandonment rate.)

Why Customers Abandon their Shopping Cart

Did you know?

A loyalty program in your webstore can also help fight high cart abandonment rates, as it encourages many actions you want to increase anyway. Such as:

  • More sign-ups. Customers don’t want to hassle with registration. But if you grant them loyalty points for this simple act, they can gain something in return for the few minutes they have to spend on the process.
  • Shopping can be rewarding. The best part of classic loyalty programs is that you can reward customers based on the amount they spend. Showcase this information before they put an item in their cart, and let them know how much these points are worth in real currency.
  • More money spent. The right loyalty program rewards can capture your customer’s heart. VIP experiences, discounts, or special opportunities like product testing and relics can excite them to spend more in your webstore. The more they spend, the closer they get to their desired rewards.

Reduce your cart abandonment rate now

Many things can lead to a customer dropping his cart. But being clear about prices, ensuring security and making the purchase as simple as possible can prevent this.

Which methods have you tried to reduce your cart abandonment rate? What other issues cause your headaches?

Post your comments or write to us; we would happily share more resources to help you.

Timi Garai
Timi Garai
Timi is a Senior Loyalty Strategist at Antavo. She has helped numerous eCommerce, physical retailers and B2C brands strengthen customer loyalty, and significantly increase annual revenue. Timi is also the head organizer of one of the largest anime conventions in Europe.