Owning 29 brands altogether and struggling to drive successful cross-sale and upsell campaigns, Pepsico Russia asked Antavo to help run activation campaigns for individual brands, and get them up and running in a short amount of time.


Loyalty Program Elements

Antavo built its integrations into existing Pepsi infrastructure to

roll out the initiatives in just 6 weeks

Executed content engagement, social exposure and boosted

enrollment for pilot brand

Managed to meet the country’s high data security standards,

while also ensuring a smooth user experience

Discover how Antavo helped PepsiCo Russia activate its audience with
its audience with an engaging and fun loyalty campaign.

“It was really exciting to work with a global organization like PepsiCo. Each of its individual brands faced different challenges that we helped to overcome. In one case the focus was on lifestyle and engagement, while other brands wanted to accelerate social media growth. All in all, our project with PepsiCo Russia proved to be a valuable source of experience for both PepsiCo and Antavo.”

Timi Garai
Senior Loyalty Strategist, Antavo