LuisaViaRoma Loyalty Program: An Award-winning Luxury Fashion Reward Experience

Dive into the world of luxury rewards with the LuisaViaRoma loyalty program. Our case study tells you all about their incredible success story.

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Founded in 1930 in Florence, Italy, LuisaViaRoma (LVR) is an iconic luxury fashion and lifestyle retailer. With its curated selection of inspired clothing, accessories, and home decor, the brand has garnered a global following of fashion enthusiasts and connoisseurs. LuisaViaRoma has been a valued client of Antavo since 2017 and has used Antavo’s ever-evolving loyalty program technology to power the brand’s loyalty program, LVR Privilege. This enduring partnership between two industry leaders has elevated the customer experience for the LuisaViaRoma loyalty program and highlighted the significance of engagement in the world of high-end fashion.

Looking to learn all about the journey LVR and Antavo had together, as well as the loyalty technology that made all of it possible? Make sure to download our LuisaViaRoma loyalty program case study

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From Breaking the Myth of Luxury Loyalty Programs to Building Emotional Loyalty

In 2017, LVR set out for a swift global launch with an MVP. The company wanted a loyalty program capable of driving additional customer spend in an efficient and customer-centric way. This meant average order value, purchase frequency and acquisition all had to grow simultaneously. More importantly, LVR was aware of the preconception of how loyalty and luxury didn’t match. They were looking for a provider that would enable them to disrupt this myth by bringing a true luxury element to their loyalty program. 

It’s been many years since the program went live and it clearly has seen plenty of improvements, changes, twists and turns. For example, LVR has gradually expanded its reward catalog with real-world experiences, such as yoga classes and wine tasting. Such experiential benefits bring the overall customer experience to the next level and contribute to the luxury feel of the program.

Immerse yourself into the latest LuisaViaRoma loyalty program experience with this introductory video. 

A Hybrid Loyalty Program, With Multiple Earning Opportunities

LuisaViaRoma’s loyalty program elegantly combines two essential elements: tiers and point economics. Unlike many programs, LVR deploys not three but four tiers, thus offering luxury-fashion customers more opportunities to increase their status. Higher tiers offer higher-value gifts during anniversary events, as well as special promo codes.

As for point earning, LVR rewards customers for both transactional and non-transactional activities:

  • Members earn 1 point for every € they spend. Sale items are worth half a point.
  • Members who share a product page can earn 10 points, once a week
  • Those who follow the company on X earn 10 points
  • Members who complete their profile earn 100 points, and all new members are given 10 bonus points
An image depicting how LuisaViaRoma’s loyalty program handles point earnings and tiers.
For luxury retailers, it’s vital to keep members engaged and close to the brand between purchases by rewarding a wide variety of actions.

Experiential Rewards, The Essence of a True Luxury Loyalty Program

The points Privilege members accumulate can be spent on a large range of rewards and benefits. For example, they can purchase ‘store credits’ between €20 – €300 value and directly spend them on products at LVR’s shop. There is also a privilege card, which gives cardholders a permanent discount on all purchases for 6 months.

Still, the most alluring membership benefits are undoubtedly the experiential rewards. Those willing to spend thousands of Privilege points are privy to bespoke experiences, such as a two-day all-expenses paid trip to a high-class resort and spa in Venice, and transportation via private car.

LVR loyalty program rewards.
Experiential and IRL rewards not only grant members who redeem them an unforgettable experience but at the same time elevate their status among the community.  

The Evolution of the LuisaViaRoma Loyalty Program

The real key to LVR’s success during these years has been the Test & Learn approach they adopted while working with Antavo. Doing so has allowed them to identify what works and what doesn’t, so they can make decisions based on factual data. Thanks to this data-driven approach, the concept has been constantly improved, with various features and campaigns being added, taken out, and renewed. Here are a few examples: 

Headshot of Irene Bernardi, CRM Manager at LuisaViaRoma

The data Antavo brings to us during Executive Business Reviews is incredibly precious and we actively look forward to those sessions to coordinate our efforts and define the direction to go into. Most of the time we have feelings about how the program is performing, but during this session, we see actual data, and our beliefs can be proven or not. Taking decisions based on data and market best practices has proven to be a winning strategy so far.

Irene Bernardi

CRM Manager at LuisaViaRoma

Technology Under the Hood

Behind the scenes, LVR manages the loyalty program globally in a segmented way. All tiers have special surprise elements, like birthday gifts, that are handled via the powerful Workflow module in Antavo. Thanks to the filtering capability, based on different segments of the platform, the experience can be personalized and segmented based on tiers, countries, etc. 

Being a global loyalty program, it’s also important to keep things customized in terms of language. LVR achieves this with the built-in Translate functionality Antavo offers in its modules. This allows managers to instantly add translated versions of any reward or campaign. 

Antavo’s Back-office image showcasing how the translate feature works when editing custom rewards.
As a pure-play, enterprise-scale technology, Antavo’s platform is built to provide full multi-country support.

Outstanding Results 

Consistent growth, year after year

Using Antavo’s tailored loyalty solutions, LuisaViaRoma not only increased customer retention but also drove higher customer spending, ultimately contributing to the brand’s growth and success in the competitive luxury fashion market.

Overall Results since 2017

  • +27% on Enrollment Rate YoY (year over year) 
  • +23% Transacting Members YoY
  • +34% Transactions YoY

Retention Trends Over the Years

  • 22% of transacting program members have been buying from LVR since 2018
  • 49% of transacting program members have been buying from LVR since 2021

Tier-Specific Results

  • Platinum members have spent 250M more than Bronze, Silver and Gold combined since going live in 2017 
  • Platinum members have an AOV 34.7% higher than Gold members
  • Platinum members have an AOV 52.4% higher than SIlver members
  • Platinum members have an AOV 199% higher than Bronze members
  • The average time between purchases among members is:
    • Platinum: 77 days
    • Bronze: 189 days
Headshot of Nicola Antonelli, CMO at LuisaViaRoma

Since we started our partnership with Antavo in 2017, it has been quite a ride. Despite facing challenges, our collaboration has remained resilient, enabling us to adjust our loyalty strategy in response to changing market conditions.

Nicola Antonelli

CMO at LuisaViaRoma

Are You Ready to Redefine Your Industry?

LVR Privilege is the perfect example that loyalty programs work in every industry — even in the low-frequency luxury sector — and that keeping the experience fresh delivers great results. 

Interested in launching your very own award-winning loyalty program? Make sure to get in touch with Antavo’s experts, either by booking a demo to see our platform’s capabilities or by sending us an RFP

If you haven’t already, make sure to download the LuisaViaRoma loyalty program case study for more details about the success story. 

Antavo's case study banner about Italian luxury fashion giant LuisaViaRoma
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Tamas Oszi

Tamas is the Head of Content at Antavo and a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional - CLMP. Tamas is known for having a keen eye for loyalty and customer retention strategies and trends. Tamas is also a true gamer at heart and has an impressive collection of cyberpunk books.

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