How to Implement a Loyalty Program in Salesforce

Bring your loyalty program to Salesforce with a convenient and effective integration presented by Antavo.

Loyalty Program Salesforce

CRM, eCommerce and marketing automation platforms, such as Salesforce, have been long-standing staples in the marketing world, helping companies all over the world grow and improve. However, there is another key piece of the puzzle to help increase customer retention: loyalty programs. Reward programs are known to be compatible with a platform like Salesforce, but without seamless integration between the two, using loyalty data to enhance marketing activity can be difficult and time-consuming. 

As a pioneer in customer retention innovation, Antavo aims to allow companies to make loyalty data a direct part of the customer journey in Salesforce, and provide businesses with more actionable insights.

A Turnkey Solution to Keep Customers Loyal

Having a loyalty program in this day and age is no longer an option. Loyal customers not only spend 67% more, but customers with an emotional connection to the brand also have four times higher than average CLV, according to Motista.  

As an enterprise-grade SaaS loyalty management platform, Antavo is known for building scalable, comprehensive loyalty programs that change customer behavior. A next-gen loyalty program is capable of: 

  • Increasing CLTV and revenue
    Use advanced loyalty logic to increase purchase frequency, average order value, or simply to reduce the cost of customer acquisition. From earn & burn style programs to tiers, there’s a loyalty program feature for every type of customer, you just need to find the right formula.
  • Incentivizing data collection to improve segmentation & personalization
    By offering a substantial reward for completing the customer profile or filling out surveys, companies are able to learn more about their customers’ preferences, favorite products, likes and dislikes — all of which can fuel other marketing activities.
  • Driving useful behavior
    Loyalty programs are also capable of driving non-transactional activities, which contribute to a stronger brand image. This includes encouraging the creation of user-generated content by incentivizing review submission, boosting friend referrals, promoting social media contests, or promoting other unique actions, such as recycling old clothing.
Loyalty programs can increase customer lifetime value by enhancing one or all three of the main pillars.
Loyalty programs can increase customer lifetime value by enhancing one or all three of the main pillars.

Supercharge Your Salesforce!

Antavo’s goal with this integration is to make marketers’ and CRM executives’ work easier by providing new touchpoints that can be used in an actionable way.

Instead of giving you another product that you have to learn and constantly manage, Antavo’s Loyalty Management Platform acts as a starting point that automatically forwards loyalty information to Salesforce. 

All conceivable data related to the loyalty program (from opt-in to point redemption, rewards, challenges, and offers) is pushed to the Salesforce cloud of your choice. This allows you to empower your marketing activities without leaving the Salesforce environment. If you simply want to export the data, you can also connect Salesforce to Excel.

Benefits for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

  • Embed the membership page and enable client-side tracking
  • Offer digital coupons through SFCC
  • Provide friend referral function

Benefits for Salesforce Service Cloud / Salesforce Sales Cloud

  • Check customer level, point balance, point history
  • Add or subtract points
  • Claim rewards on the customer’s behalf

Benefits for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Create new opt-in journeys
  • Create new survey journeys
  • Create new bonus point campaign journeys

Use Cases for the Most Common Challenges

In order to demonstrate the power of this integration, here are three examples of how Antavo helps you resolve common pain points in Salesforce:

  • How can we protect customers from the competition? – Salesforce Commerce Cloud
    Many online stores want to build an audience that considers their shop immediately when they need something. With gamified features such as online treasure hunts, people will spend more time engaging with your website, enabling them to become more aware of the products and services available.When it comes time to make a purchase, customers will naturally gravitate toward their favorite webshop instead of using price comparison pages or search engines to find the best deal.
Online treasure hunts also have a thrilling Surprise & Delight element to customers.
Online treasure hunts also have a thrilling Surprise & Delight element to them, which compels customers to keep hunting for rewards.
  • What’s the best way to increase customer satisfaction? – Salesforce Service & Sales Cloud
    Loyalty programs are an effective tool for maintaining customer goodwill, for both B2Bs and B2Cs. You can set up a similar incentive system for partners and vendors, assigning points and discounts to high performers.For B2C customers, use rewards to mitigate backlash when dealing with customer dissatisfaction. For example, if shipping is delayed for any reason, you can individually assign a small compensation to the affected customer, showing good faith and preventing a rocky experience from damaging the relationship.
Assigning points manually to customers as a compensation can be fully done within Salesforce as well.
Assigning points manually to customers as a compensation can be fully done within Salesforce as well.
  • How can I prevent churn? – Salesforce Marketing Cloud
    Cart abandonment and customer inactivity are recurring issues for most companies. Loyalty programs are an ideal solution for both: you can reactivate customers who are in danger of churning by triggering a personalized email, which offers them bonus points, limited-time offers, or other incentives when they make a swift purchase. Furthermore, Antavo allows you to segment the value of the reward based on customer status. Instead of sending costly coupons to all of your customers, you can reserve them for top-tier members, avoiding overspend.
With the help of Antavo, you can easily segment the recipients of the email campaigns.
With the help of Antavo, you can easily segment the recipients of the email campaigns based on total spend, membership status, tier level, etc.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Hopefully, this tour into Antavo’s Salesforce integration has proven helpful. However, the possibilities go far beyond the examples above. With a next-gen loyalty program you can move any business KPIs, and now you don’t even need to leave Salesforce to do so. If you wish to learn more about the technical side of implementing a loyalty program — and doing so in a cost-effective manner — we have the perfect ebook for you. You can also contact us directly, and start a conversation right away.

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Andras Taraszovics

Andras is the Head of Antavo’s Solutions Consultant department, and the company’s first point of contact with Salesforce. He has extended knowledge about the Loyalty Management Platform, and he’s always keen to share his knowledge with Antavo’s clients.

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