Antavo Included in Forrester’s Now Tech: Loyalty Marketing, Q4 2020 Report

Find out what kind of achievements and innovations propelled Antavo into being included in Forrester’s Now Tech: Loyalty Marketing, Q4 2020 report.

Antavo Included in the Forrester Report
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I’m happy to announce a new milestone in Antavo’s history: our company has officially been included in the Q4 2020 edition of Forrester’s Now Tech: Loyalty Marketing report. Being recognized by such a leading research company strengthens our resolve for building the most innovative and sophisticated loyalty tech in the market.

An Important Milestone

Forrester offers research and advice on existing and upcoming technologies for both the public and businesses by publishing a wide range of reports that analyze the impact of certain trends and technologies on various industry verticals. One of these reports is the Now Tech: Loyalty Marketing Report, which included Antavo in its Q4 2020 edition.

Being listed in an official Forrester report is an important milestone for Antavo. When we decided to exclusively focus on loyalty technology, we knew that the only path to differentiating ourselves would be to deliver a series of best-in-class solutions. And seeing our name in the report tells us that we made the right choice.

Attila Kecsmar
CEO & Co-founder at Antavo

Our Latest Achievements

2020 posed significant challenges, but due to being strong in both eCommerce and in-store solutions, Antavo managed to quickly react to the fast-appearing new customer reality. And as the months have passed, interest in loyalty programs has risen steadily.

We introduced several new key features to our product to keep it at the front of the pack. We continued doing work as thought leaders in the industry, publishing several guides, ebooks, and educational materials on the wide topic of customer retention. As a direct result, several high-profile companies decided to partner with Antavo to empower their new loyalty programs.

Sophisticated Loyalty Technology

Over the course of the year, Antavo expanded upon its enterprise-grade Loyalty Management Platform by adding several new features and technologies. 

  • We’ve designed a Mobile App Accelerator with Mito. Now instead of building a loyalty app from the ground up, companies have the option to rely on a kit of pre-built loyalty functions that are easily customizable, helping businesses save time and money on app development. 
  • Antavo worked on reinvigorating the coalition loyalty formula using innovative new tech, like the two-sided Coalition Loyalty Hub device that helps both customer and staff manage loyalty program-related actions during in-store checkout. 
  • Our company has extended its integration network by connecting with platforms such as Salesforce, empowering marketers to sync loyalty data directly to the Cloud of their choice.
  • We’ve introduced a robust offer management solution to support both online and offline businesses, allowing them to create highly personalized and engaging reward campaigns.

To learn more about the capabilities of loyalty programs and mobile apps, check out our dedicated webinar with Mito.

Thought Leadership

Educating the market about the benefits of loyalty marketing and loyalty technology is equally important for us. For this reason, our loyalty experts worked tirelessly on fresh weekly content.

  • So far in 2020, we released 14 high-profile guides analyzing the challenges and best loyalty features of various industry verticals, including fashion, beauty, telco, financial services, and the automotive industry. 
  • Throughout the year, Antavo organized several joint webinars with companies such as Salesforce, Microsoft, Exponea, Emakina, PwC, Sailthru and Mito to help CRM executives and marketers better understand the field of loyalty. 
  • During the summer, we explored a couple of talking points in the loyalty world with our ebooks about loyalty rewards and budget planning, adding even more up to date insight about loyalty programs.
Our ebook about loyalty program rewards provides an in-depth look into the world of incentivized engagement.
Our ebook about loyalty program rewards provides an in-depth look into the world of incentivized engagement. Download it now!

Global Successes

Due to these efforts, Antavo received a multitude of RFP requests from top brands from all over the world. 

  • Antavo is empowering Lagardère Travel Retail’s loyalty programs in China, with an upcoming addition allowing customers to participate in the loyalty program through a WeChat mini-app.
  • Renowned Italian fashion brand United Colors of Benetton has signed with Antavo to introduce a next-gen loyalty program to a worldwide network of customers.
  • Antavo has partnered with carbon-negative brewery BrewDog to build an innovative loyalty platform, allowing them to engage customers like never before. 
  • Antavo has partnered with UK-based multi-channel mother and baby retailer JoJo Maman Bébé to create a loyalty program with plenty of thrilling gamification features.
  • With its next-gen omnichannel technology, Antavo has built a loyalty program for mountain sports and outdoor retailer Bergzeit, which tracks customer progress through a Strava integration.
In 2020, Antavo also launched the loyalty program of Singapore-based fashion company Love, Bonito.
In 2020, Antavo also launched the loyalty program of Singapore-based fashion company Love, Bonito. The reward system is built on exclusivity and privileged features, like early access and in-store style advice.

Continuing to Perfect Our Loyalty Technology

Being included in Forrester’s Now Tech: Loyalty Marketing, Q4 2020 report reinforces that we’re on the right track. We’ll keep evolving our existing capabilities while also introducing new innovations. If you’re interested in learning more about the sophisticated solutions Antavo has to offer, feel free to include us in your RFP or book a demo.

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Headshot of Zsuzsa Kecsmar, Co-founder, CMO and Head of Partnerships at Antavo

Zsuzsa Kecsmar

Zsuzsa is CCO and Co-founder of Antavo, listed by Forbes as one of Europe’s top 100 female founders in tech. After acting as Antavo’s CMO for nearly a decade, she took over the role to help the company’s clients. She is also a former journalist and has been awarded by the European Commission.

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