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Product Release

Q3 ‘20

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Carmine Red Fall 2020 Product Release: Providing
Customer-centric Solutions

November 10, 2020

When it comes to deciding whether or not to enroll in a loyalty program, customers always gravitate towards reward programs that are well-presented and have a clear value proposition. That’s why it’s pivotal for companies to make a strong first impression, whether that be through the look and feel of their membership program, or through the in-store experience during checkout.

Our Carmine Red Product Release showcases two groundbreaking new additions to Antavo’s arsenal, which are geared toward helping our clients build memorable loyalty journeys more efficiently.

Headshot of Csaba Horvath, IT Director at Antavo Loyalty Management Platform

Csaba Horvath
IT Director at Antavo Loyalty
Management Platform

“Presenting your loyalty program in a way that’s not only visually appealing, but also efficiently communicates the benefits is key to winning over customers. We designed our features with the goal of helping malls and shopping destinations unite their tenants under one roof, as well as supporting your developers when designing loyalty pages.”

Antavo's Coalition Loyalty Hub

The Carmine Red Release serves up a solution for CRM teams, CMO, and CTOs on how to work seamlessly when it comes to designing the loyalty program membership page, as well as a new, innovative device that unifies the shopping journey for multi-brand companies and coalition loyalty programs.


Speed up your
front-end design process


Review new loyalty pages more easily


Effortlessly integrate a new in-store loyalty device

Coalition loyalty hub.

Coalition Loyalty Hub

The Coalition Loyalty Hub is a symmetric device with two screens: one that faces the customer, and another that faces the staff member. The purpose of the device is to connect brands to the loyalty provider, as well as enable customer identification and enrollment.

A/B testing reward experience.

CLH: Easy Integration & Staff Training

Without an expensive and time-consuming implementation process, the Hub only requires a brief set up at the counter to get up and running. The device can be used with very little training, as each operational step is displayed on the screen.

New platform UX.

CLH: Better Customer Engagement

Customers can engage with the device, too, in order to review their available offers and redeem them if they wish to do so. This creates a greater feeling of involvement. Plus, by reminding members of their rewards you can make the in-store experience even better.

Tiers based on spend - loyalty programs without points.

Membership Site SDK

Antavo offers a new approach that leaves the design process in your hands while providing all the tools and connections needed to work swiftly yet professionally. This new addition is called the Membership Site SDK.

Surprise & Delight Mechanism.

Better Collaboration with Membership Site SDK

With the Membership Site SDK, Antavo provides companies a quicker, more customizable, and more reliable development method, in which developers can work on the design in their own environment, while decision makers can review a more responsive result.