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Top Customer Loyalty Conferences in 2020 [Updated]

If you’re a CMO or CRM head like me, then there’s no doubt you’re always on the lookout for new ways to keep customers engaged and happy. For me, nothing beats receiving practical info and meeting industry peers at a customer loyalty conference, compared to larger conferences where there are just too many people.

Attending a summit or conference dedicated to loyalty is a great opportunity to hear other people’s perspectives and exchange ideas. And let’s not forget that you learn while also having fun! Most events include interactive workshops, client success stories, and other engagement activities. 

To help you navigate the world of customer loyalty conferences, I put together a list featuring the top 7 loyalty events you should keep an eye on in 2020. 

#1. Customer Engagement & Loyalty Event 2020

The Australian Loyalty Association prides itself on closely following the ever-changing nature of customer retention and brand loyalty. This year’s central topic will be “monetizing loyalty across industries”. 

This is what you should expect for the Customer Engagement & Loyalty Event 2020:

  • 5 expert panel speakers
  • 30 speakers from the travel industry
  • A fabulous venue at Ivy Ballroom, 320 George St, Sydney

Following last year’s success, the event will feature a panel of experts discussing and debating changes to the loyalty eco-system over the last year and
how partnerships will be handled in the future. 

Loyalty Conference Sydney

After the panel discussions, there’ll be a formal sit down dinner where delegates continue to network with like-minded professionals.

#2. Loyalty Expo 

Dedicated to helping marketers listen to the voice of the customer, the Loyalty Expo is both a customer loyalty conference and award ceremony. This event is known for “viewing loyalty under a different lens”

Highlights from Loyalty Expo 2019:

  • 50+ Speakers
  • Over 25 sessions, including keynote speeches and roundtable talks
  • Presentations from the finalists of six award categories
  • Cocktail reception

Beside evergreen subjects such as shopping experience, relationship management, and social media engagement, the Loyalty Expo also focuses on often overlooked topics, such as the adoption of new payment technologies. 

Loyalty conference - loyalty expo

The Loyalty Expo also hosts an award show, called the Loyalty360 Awards. The organizers aim to recognize companies that have deepened the relationship with their customers.

#3. 7th Annual CEM & Customer Loyalty MENA Summit

The Dubai-based CEM & Customer Loyalty MENA Summit takes an interesting spin on loyalty, inspecting topics very few conferences do, such as how to co-create loyalty programs with your customers

Main takeaways from the 6th Annual CEM & Customer Loyalty MENA Summit:

  • 6 keynote speakers 
  • Multiple case studies showcased
  • Over 10+ unique topics covered
CEM summit image

The conferences are characterized by a cast of high-profile attendees from companies such as Amazon, Mariott International, and Etisalat.

#4. CRMC 2020

Titled as the ‘Blueprint for Success’, CRMC 2020 is an event that aims to bring together more than 200 brands under one roof to see the big CRM picture and to learn applicable, real-world solutions and strategies.

History of the CRMC conferences:

  • Over 700 marketing leaders invited 
  • More than 20 big brand attendees as speakers
  • 18 Case studies presented

CRMC workshops provide an extended view of the industry, with topics involving technology, economics, sustainability, and loyalty. 

CRMC 2020

Aside from loyalty programs, the CRMC 2020 will also cover topics like blockchain technology, omnichannel strategies, data security, and personalization.

#5. Retail Innovation Conference

Spanning three days in total, the Retail Innovation Conference is a large-scale gathering of retail experts, this event is all about discovering game-changing strategies and technologies in the retail industry. 

Key highlights of past conferences:

  • Powerhouse speakers  
  • Attendees from Apple, Sephora and Samsung
  • 50+ sessions
Retail Innovation Conference

Loyalty strategies are a recurring topic at the Retail Innovation Conference, with many additional blog posts on the event’s website. 

#6. Loyalty Academy

The Loyalty Academy is a prime opportunity in the US to learn about the latest loyalty trends. Representatives of airline companies, card marketers, hoteliers, retailers, and B2B providers are all welcome to attend. 

The educational curriculum is currently on a globetrotting tour, visiting various placed, like Toronto, Mumbai and Dublin, as well as planning a recurring conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It’s worth looking at an upcoming event if you’re interested in expanding your knowledge. Why? This year, there were:

  • 8 highly qualified speakers
  • A whole day full of C-level presentations
  • Quality networking opportunities

Each year, the event schedule at Loyalty Academy is based on a different theme. In 2019, the key topic was ‘change’, with the biggest takeaway being that brands should redesign their old loyalty strategies to better engage with customers.

Loyalty conference - Loyalty Academy

The Loyalty Academy streams its events to attendees in five different countries.

#7. Customer Engagement Summit

A conference dedicated to exploring the link between brands and shoppers, the Customer Engagement Summit is all about the past, present, and future of customer experience. 

Key highlights of last year’s event:

  • +1200 delegates 
  • 120 presentations in 4 seminar halls
  • Roundtable sessions and 28 topic streams

This Summit is an outstanding opportunity if you’re interested in advancing your loyalty program strategy via personalization, or wish to get closer to your customer base.

Customer engagement summit

In the 2019 event, the keynote speakers covered multiple topics around business, engagement, and experience.

Let’s Meet in Person!

I hope I managed to showcase at least one customer loyalty conference that’s close to your location. If not, let me know! We can give you advice on other channels as well. 

We regularly host seminars across the globe and webinars catering to specific regions. If you are in learning mode and that may be the reason you’re reading this article to begin with here are some ebooks and case studies on topics related to customer loyalty programs. 

Zsuzsa Kecsmar
Zsuzsa Kecsmar
Zsuzsa is CCO and Co-founder of Antavo, listed by Forbes as one of Europe’s top 100 female founders in tech. After acting as Antavo’s CMO for nearly a decade, she took over the role to help the company’s clients. She is also a former journalist and has been awarded by the European Commission.