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Top Customer Loyalty Conferences in 2019-2020

If you’re a CMO or CRM head like me, then there’s no doubt you’re always on the lookout for new ways to keep customers engaged and happy. For me, nothing beats receiving practical info and meeting industry peers at a customer loyalty conference, compared to larger conferences where there are just too many people.

Attending a summit or conference dedicated to loyalty is a great opportunity to hear other people’s perspectives and exchange ideas. And let’s not forget that you learn while also having fun! Most events include interactive workshops, client success stories, and other engagement activities. 

To help you navigate the world of customer loyalty conferences, I put together a list featuring the top 6 loyalty events you should keep an eye on in 2019 and 2020. (Hint: one of them is organized by Antavo.)

#1. Loyalty Conference by the Australian Loyalty Association

The Australian Loyalty Association prides itself on closely following the ever-changing nature of customer retention and brand loyalty.

This is what you should expect for the Melbourne Loyalty Conference:

  • 16 keynote speakers 
  • A whole day chock-full of programs
  • Barista coffee

The venue for the conference is a contemporary masterpiece, called the Glasshouse. To match the modernity of the location, the event schedule is focused on relevant topics in customer retention.

Melbourne customer loyalty conference

Attendees of the Melbourne Loyalty Conference can learn about the pitfalls of revamping an existing loyalty program and utilizing the full potential of influencers.

#2. Loyalty Summit

As this conference proudly proclaims, “The Loyalty Summit is where loyalty leaders meet.” In order to live up to this statement, the event invites attendees to discuss all aspects of loyalty, from a technology standpoint to future opportunities. 

If you plan to visit, expect the following:

  • 15 speakers
  • Partner panels and fireside chat
  • Free access to the Frequent Traveler Awards Ceremony

As you can see from the highlights, the Loyalty Summit emphasizes conversation instead of simply presenting facts. For instance, mingling and networking are highly encouraged by the organizers. 

Customer loyalty conference London

The numerous fireside chats between panels allow attendees to discuss their thoughts and present their own ideas.

#3. Customer Loyalty Summit Mumbai

A truly dynamic entry on the list, the Customer Loyalty Summit in Mumbai aims to inspire marketing leaders and CMOs to helm their CRM team and focus on building a superior service culture. The whole event is one big workshop that introduces best practices and shows attendees how to improve the customer experience. 

During its 12-year run, the Customer Loyalty Summit has garnered:

  • 400+ attendees
  • 125 speakers 
  • 350+ award nominations

As of yet, the exact date and keynote speakers for the 2020 event haven’t been revealed. In 2019, the workshop was headed up by Ron Kaufman, author of the book “Uplifting Service”. He held a keynote speech on staying competitive by tapping into the power of service culture.

Customer loyalty conference Mumbai

The Customer Loyalty Summit in Mumbai is paired up with its own award ceremony.

#4. Loyalty & Awards

Unlike the other entries on the list, the Loyalty & Awards is a conference geared towards the travel industry. From airlines and hotels to booking platforms and vehicle rental services, any company linked to the travel industry is welcome. The 2019 event has already passed, but registration will soon open up for the 2020 event. 

The conference has a long history behind it, with the 16th iteration coming next year. What you can expect:

  • 3 days of colorful programs
  • 30 speakers from the travel industry
  • 250 attendees from 43 countries

What makes this event worth your attention is the titular award ceremony. Companies that are innovators in the travel industry can be nominated in five categories, like ‘Best loyalty partnership’ or ‘Best Marketing Campaign’.

Loyalty conference for travel

If you work in the travel industry, the Loyalty & Awards event is a great opportunity to learn about new solutions.

#5. Loyalty Academy

The Loyalty Academy is a prime opportunity in the US to learn about the latest loyalty trends. Representatives of airline companies, card marketers, hoteliers, retailers, and B2B providers are all welcome to attend. 

The 4th edition of the Loyalty Academy was held in March 2019. If you missed it, it’s worth looking at next year’s event. Why? This year, there were:

  • 8 highly qualified speakers
  • A whole day full of C-level presentations
  • Quality networking opportunities

Each year, the event schedule at Loyalty Academy is based on a different theme. In 2019, the key topic was ‘change’, with the biggest takeaway being that brands should redesign their old loyalty strategies to better engage with customers.

Loyalty conference - Loyalty Academy

The Loyalty Academy streams its events to attendees in five different countries.

#6. Loyalty Expo 

Dedicated to helping marketers listen to the voice of the customer, the Loyalty Expo is both a customer loyalty conference and award ceremony. This event is known for “viewing loyalty under a different lens”

Highlights from Loyalty Expo 2019:

  • 50+ Speakers
  • Over 25 sessions, including keynote speeches and roundtable talks
  • Presentations from the finalists of six award categories
  • Cocktail reception

Beside evergreen subjects such as shopping experience, relationship management, and social media engagement, the Loyalty Expo also focuses on often overlooked topics, such as the adoption of new payment technologies. 

Loyalty conference - loyalty expo

The Loyalty Expo also hosts an award show, called the Loyalty360 Awards. The organizers aim to recognize companies that have deepened the relationship with their customers.

Let’s Meet in Person!

I hope I managed to showcase at least one customer loyalty conference that’s close to your location. If not, let me know! We can give you advice on other channels as well. 

We regularly host seminars across the globe and webinars catering to specific regions. If you are in learning mode and that may be the reason you’re reading this article to begin with here are some ebooks and case studies on topics related to customer loyalty programs. 

Zsuzsa Kecsmar
Zsuzsa Kecsmar
Zsuzsa is CMO and co-founder of Antavo. She manages the marketing team, talks with experts all over the world, holds webinars, and edits all kinds of content (it’s really a lot of editing, but she loves it). She is a mother, likes working out, and making edible cosmetics.