44 Top Ecommerce Influencers on Twitter You Shouldn’t Miss

Have you ever felt uneasy because you wandered into a completely new field of ecommerce marketing? And there was noone who could give you advice? Then learn from these top 44 ecommerce influencers who can help you improve.

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Have you ever felt lost when it came to ecommerce advice? Do you have hard time finding the right people who you can learn from?

Now, you can breathe a sigh of relief! In this post we collected for you the top 44 ecommerce influencers and their Twitter accounts and categorized them based on their field of expertise, as a helpful resource for you.

So, from growth-hacking to social media marketing to building customer loyalty – not forgetting about the latest tech and industry trends, either- we grouped our experts around 13 main topics that can help you to get the answers that you are looking for.

Let’s start our list!

1. Learn from the first-hand experience of successful ecommerce builders

Andrew Youderian (@youderian)

Andrew Youderian“eCommerce entrepreneur, blogger and podcaster. Founder of The Ecommerce Fuel, a private community for high six and seven figure store owners.” – Quoted from Andrew’s Twitter profile. Andrew nurtures his Twitter feed in the same ways as his online community guidelines suggest: he curates insightful, high-quality articles, which can add value to any kind of businesses despite their size. I personally love how he is updated with the latest trends concerning like Google shopping.



Corey Ferreira (@coreyvf)

Corey FerreiraI will never forget Corey’s amazing post about how he imported gamer glasses from China, then sold them through his self-built Shopify store! (It’s a long read, but it’s worth the time! He shares really useful insights about starting an ecomm store, not to mention it’s real entertainment to reading his story!) Of course, he not only knows about how to start an ecomm business, but he’s also responsible for marketing at Shopify, and frequently produces articles about a wide range of ecommerce topics that you should pay attention to, such as building social proof for your site and email marketing. And he also hosts webinars, where he shares his knowledge of ecomm personally.


Nathan Huppatz (@huppy)

Nathan HuppatzNathan is the co-founder at Costumes.com.au and Readytoship. The first site is an ecommerce store where people can buy all kinds of costumes, wigs or leggings for special events such as Halloween. Nathan’s other site is a B2B tool which helps automate the manual parts of the shipping process for ecommerce stores. So, as an ecommerce store owner himself, it’s no wonder that he’s an expert on retail and ecommerce in his home country, Australia, and also participated in the local ecommerce expo as a panelist where he received the #RetailGlobalAU 2016 Excellence Award for his ecommerce business! He’s a great expert to learn from about growth hacking and going global, at the same time.


Steve Chou (@mywifequit)

Steve ChouSteve Chou is a blogger, the founder of Bumblebee Linens where he has been selling wedding handkerchiefs with his wife for 9 years now, and based on his years of experience, he now helps others to launch their first eCommerce stores. After starting their family business, he documented EVERY – and I really mean every – aspect of running and maintaining an online store. Today on Twitter he shares the basics of his experiences regarding different tools, from Aweber to Shopify, and also shares first-hand insights, for example about selling on Amazon. He really knows every aspect of running a successful eCommerce store. So why not follow him for some inspirational ideas? By the way, he also appeared several times in Skubana Ecommerce TV’s series on YouTube where he was interviewed about his ecomm experiences and the tools he would recommend to use.

2. Start your business with growth hacking

Drew Sanocki (@drewsanocki)

Drew Sanocki
“Growth hacks for ecommerce executives. I started and sold a national ecommerce brand, @DesignPublic. My travel partner is @SaraClemence.” – Drew summarizes his great experiences about the field of ecommerce in this way on his Twitter account. He is the author of the Nerd Marketing Blog and he tweets about his latest insights, podcasts and top marketing tools reports which were originally published on his blog. If you want to grow big, and I mean really big, with millions in revenue, then his account is the one for you.



Chad Rubin (@itschadrubin)

Chad Rubin
As his Twitter handle suggests, Chad is all-around ecommerce. He is the founder of Skubana, a tool which allows you to connect and automate your ecomm business shipping process and any kind of data- or action- based event that happens in your ecommerce store. Chad also runs an E-commerce TV vlog on YouTube, where he interviews experts and influencers about their best ecommerce marketing tactics – in addition to many other topics – and he makes guest appearances on other online selling-focused YouTube channels, like Amazon Sellers Group TG.



Richard Lazazzera (@RichardABLS)

Richard Lazazzera
Richard is the founder of A Better Lemonade Stand, where he shares articles from accounting advice to social media to interviews with ecomm brands in a nice variety of industries. If you’ve got specific questions at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey, this is a good resource to keep in mind. What I like about him the most is that he also reviews different tools that ecommerce stores can use, helping them decide which are the best choice for them.



Matt Thorpe (@Thorpeedo)

Matt Thorpe
Matt is an internet marketing and e-commerce consultant from London, with over 13 years experience in the online world. Matt shares his knowledge on his blog, and uses the Twitter handle “Thorpeedo” to post everything that you should be prioritizing from the very beginning when starting your ecomm business. His recent shares cover news and best practice in video marketing (even Facebook’s live video feature!), email marketing, content marketing, SEO and all aspects of utilizing social media for your business. If you aren’t starting off with your business, it’s still a great idea to follow him, because mastering the world of SEO and onsite conversion optimization is a never-ending journey.

3. Unleash SEO and head to the top of search rankings

Dan Steiner (@danlsteiner)

Dan SteinerDan is an entrepreneur, author, and marketing ninja. His articles are frequently published on Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and Business.com. At Avila Web Firm he and his teammates help ecommerce stores to get their stores up and running, handle their online marketing, give them advice in SEO and share tips about how to create the best converting website designs. When it comes to content marketing strategy, social media and SEO, you can count on getting good advice from him all the time. I especially loved one of his shares which detailed how the unconscious power of customers’ minds influence their brand loyalty and buying behavior.


Sean Work (@seanvwork)

Sean Work“I started my ecommerce journey in the year 2000, with a notepad file and a PayPal account. Well, that and some free web hosting given to me by a friend.” – This is how Sean Work begins one of his latest articles (and video), in which he shares how he built a “store” by putting a simple PayPal buy button into his site’s html code. He also contributes to blog.crazyegg.com and blog.ordoro.com, plus his expertise includes SEO building and successful blogging. If you would love to be at the top of search engine results, then it’s definitely worth following his Twitter account.

4. Take advantage of content marketing

Amy Oppenheim (@AmyJeanneOpp)

Amy OppenheimEverybody needs great copy, even your ecommerce store does! Just take MailChimp “What’s in store” email series as an example. It’s so human, so funny, so inspirational aaaand so educational! Great stories are what make people fall in love with a brand, and MailChimp is a perfect example of how you can do it in such a captivating way that your subscribers can’t hold themselves back from opening your emails. And what does Mailchimp write about? Simply, they started their own ecomm store, and they’re sharing every step of maintaining it, in short stories. Now, here is Amy Oppenheim, who is not just a great copywriter, and into social media (well, for social you also need the right writer skills to boost conversations), but also follows the news of changes to advertising platforms like AdWords and Facebook, and shares updates about the latest trends when it comes to engaging your social media followers.

Bryan Kramer (@bryankramer)

Bryan Kramer“Bryan is the CEO of PureMatter, an award winning global digital agency based in Silicon Valley, a social strategist, TED speaker and recent author of the next books: Shareology and Human to Human #H2H.” – This info is quoted from his own blog, bryankramer.com. If that’s not enough to convince you of why you should follow him on Twitter, then check out my favourite article from him, in which he discusses how you can appear more human in front of your customers by sharing your own story with them. (This is a really important step in getting loyal customers for your ecomm store! I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve mentioned this on our blog so far. For example, my colleague Andy did a really great job of highlighting the power of storytelling in his 7 Principles that Italian Fashion Brands can Teach us about Customer Loyalty post.)

Ron Sela (@ronsela)

Ron SelaRon is the Head of Marketing at Start A Fire, a tool that helps you reach and grow your audience on Twitter, and he also runs a B2B marketing consultancy where he helps businesses in blogger outreach. As a brand and as an ecommerce store, you can also use these tactics to get more exposure for your products, as every $1 spent on influencers will give you $6.85 in returns. But let’s get back to Ron’s Twitter profile. He shares handy tips about how to get the most out of Twitter, how to build trust towards your brand (it’s a very important step and I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for gaining and even keeping your customers!), plus how to provide a winning customer experience throughout all of your channels.

5. Stand out from the noise on social media

Dustin W. Stout (@DustinWStout)

Dustin W. StoutDustin is a real marketing pearl out there. He is a blogger, speaker, designer, and the Co-owner of the digital marketing firm Weal Media, as well as Warfare, where he and his team develop plugins that can help ecommerce stores get more traffic and social shares. What I like the most about his Twitter profile, is not just the fact that he shares great articles on how to use your social channels better, or to write in a more productive and conversational way, but also that his content is so visually attractive. He really pays a lot attention to how you should charm customers visually, not just on social but in your webstore, too. And there’s no question about why it’s important: visual content is 40x more likely to get shared on social compared to other types of content.


Hilmi Saaid (@hilmisaaid)

Hilmi SaaidHilmi is the CEO of TopClickz, a company specialized in SEO, social media, web- and logo design. He mostly shares tips and tricks on his Twitter profile about how to optimize your content to be SEO-friendly, and how to use social media effectively with well-targeted Facebook ads and other tools, how to sell your products with Snapchat, and how to plan your social media content by maximizing the viral nature of it. (But of course, his expertise doesn’t end here, check out his Twitter profile to learn more.)



Mike Kawula (@MikeKawula)

Mike KawulaMike is the CEO of Social Quant, which helps individuals and businesses get more Twitter followers, deepen their engagement level, increase brand awareness and also deliver data regarding to trending keywords. So after this much information, you can bet on that Mike is not just sharing smart tips and tricks about how to sell more through Twitter, but his own Twitter profile stands a great, inspirational example about how you can use it to succeed. (Just by following him on Twitter you can learn how to use the platform more effectively.)

6. Maximize onsite conversion rate

Al Mackin (@almackin)

Al MackinAl Mackin is the founder of Formisimo, Nudgr and theEword. Al is a tech guy, who’s mostly interested in technological innovations and how these can help ecommerce stores maximize their conversion rate in their web stores, for example optimizing checkout forms or offering a pop-up solution that shows relevant offers to customers based on their shopping behavior. The best part about his feed is that he is actively shares insights about how global events and changes can affect ecommerce stores.



Csaba Zajdo (@csabazajdo)

Csaba ZajdoCsaba Zajdo is the Co-founder and CEO of Optimonk, a tool that helps companies create well-targeted popups to convert store visitors into customers or newsletter leads. On Twitter Csaba shares actionable tips about how to boost conversion on your ecommerce site with the help of personalization techniques, product recommendations and, of course, popups. What I like the most about his feed is that I can find many inspirational examples and case studies related to great pop-up design. And this kinds of information comes in very handy, even for B2B marketers like me. (He also wrote an amazingly detailed guide for our blog about onsite retargeting, which you can read it here.)


Hazel Bolton (@hazelana_b)

Hazel BoltonCopywriter, Content Manager at Formisimo, Nudgr, User Conversion and UX enthusiast. Hazel has shared her expertise several times on our blog by contributing guest posts about optimising checkout forms, driving more profits, or designing the best converting exit-intent popups for fashion ecomm stores. She knows all of the onsite conversion optimization tactics which not only help you convert visitors more effectively into customers, but can also create a positive customer experience, which paves the road to keeping your customers, and encouraging them to do business with you again and again.


Markus Linder (@markuslinder)

Markus LinderMarkus is the CEO of SMARTASSISTANT, a company that has developed guided selling technology which helps ecommerce stores customize the shopping journey and lets customers make the fewest number of choices in order to finalize their purchases. He’s really into customer experience in the world of retail and ecommerce, and he also tweets about the events that their team hosts, the latest trends in customer experience and how to build smart features into your store that maximize customer conversation rate.

7. Leverage the power of social-commerce & Amazon

Hendrik Laubscher (@henlaub)

Hendrik LaubscherHendrik describes himself in the following way on his blog: “eCommerce is what drives me and I love data. I write blog posts because it helps me think about all things related to eCommerce, social commerce and comparison shopping engines. I believe in the web and eCommerce as being an extension of retail.” He is really devoted to ecommerce and analytics, as well as what’s happening in ecommerce and retail markets globally, more precisely in South Africa – as he himself is from South Africa – so it’s really interesting to see how this market has been developing recently. What really caught my eye is that he also follows recent tech-related trends, like the increase in mobile usage in the UK and its effect on retail sales.


Marsha Collier (@MarshaCollier)

Marsha CollierMarsha is the best-selling author of The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide: How to Connect with your Customers to Sell More and eBay For Dummies. She specializes in how new technology, the Internet and improved customer service can help boost profits in eCommerce stores. She also shares SEO tips, social ecomm best practices and many other great resources on her Twitter profile, plus she is also a regular host on the Internet radio station, wsRadio.com. Here she shares her knowledge about running a successful business and highlights the latest tech trends that you should pay attention to.


Rachel Greer (@rachelagreer)

Rachel GreerWant to sell your products on Amazon? Or maybe you’re already selling there? Then you should follow Rachel Greer on Twitter! She is an expert about Amazon, writing posts and hosting webinars about how to sell your products on Amazon, among other topics. She is a consultant at Seattle-based Cascadia Seller Solutions, which focuses on “product compliance and seller policy services, allowing sellers to rely on [their] Amazon experience in launching and maintaining their Amazon seller account”.

8. Rock with the best email marketing strategy

John W Hayes (@john_w_hayes)

John W HayesJohn is a marketing strategist at iContact, a service that provides email marketing solutions for B2C and B2B businesses. He is also the author of a book entitled, Becoming the Expert. He is based in the UK, and he recently contributed to our Brexit article, too (in case you’re interested in the topic, you can read our article here). He curates the best articles about content marketing, email marketing and building a rockin’ marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes.



Pamela Hazelton (@pamelahazelton)

Pamela HazeltonPamela Hazelton is an ecommerce and online business consultant, who can help any sized businesses convert their visitors into customers and maintain customer loyalty in the long run with well-optimized email marketing and social media strategy. She also a frequent contributor at ecommerce-focused news sites like Practical Ecommerce, WooThemes and Web Marketing Today. We have also featured her opinion among 18 experts and their tactics to build customer loyalty in this article. (By the way, sometimes she also produces videos about ecomm marketing and shares her personal opinion of how certain plugins, like Shareaholic, work.)

9. Level up the customer experience in your store

Micah Solomon (@micahsolomon)

Micah SolomonMicah is a real guru of customer service. Besides publishing great insights on his own blog about this field and sharing all the ‘know-hows’ of implementing a customer-centric philosophy into ecommerce stores’ and retailers’ lives, he also frequently writes articles for Forbes and speaks at events hosted by big companies like Zendesk, Apple and Dell. If you want to stay updated on the latest trends in customer service – or more precisely how to please millennial customers at a high level – then follow him on Twitter, too.



Mike Wittenstein (@mikewittenstein)

Mike WittensteinFounder and Managing Partner at Storyminers. International speaker (CSP), experience designer (CCXP), and strategist (CMC) from Atlanta. If you are interested in learning about the latest trends in ecommerce and retail from the point of view of customer experience, then follow his channel. Just when I wrote this article, one of his tweets about the new business term “phygital experience” caught my attention. Have you heard about it before? I hadn’t, but thanks to Mike, I now know all about it..



Shep Hyken (@Hyken)

Shep HykenShep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, keynote speaker and New York Times bestselling author, who helps companies deliver amazing customer service experiences! On his personal blog, he shares the top customer service articles of the week and he also has a YouTube channel where he speaks about how you should “wow” your customers when it comes to solving their problems and shares inspirational examples of how others are doing this incredibly right. Just “Amaze Every Customer Every Time” (the title one of Shep’s books) by learning from him.


Jay Baer (@jaybaer)

Jay BaerJay Baer is a famous speaker, author and a great influencer in the land on online marketing. Moreover, he is the president of Convince & Convert, a digital marketing adviser group, whose blog ranked as the #1 Content Marketing Blog by Content Marketing Institute. He produces blog posts, books and podcasts about how you can delight customers with an excellent customer service. In addition, he also explains the work of the latest innovations which can help businesses reach their main goal: converting visitors into happy customers. On Twitter he provides great overviews of the latest trends in online marketing and also digs into his expertise in more detail: customer service.

10. Build customer loyalty

Austin Brawner (@a_brawn)

Austin Brawner“Austin Brawner is the host of the Ecommerce Influence Podcast and Chief Fixer at Brand Growth Experts. He’s a sought after email marketing consultant, and popular speaker on marketing for ecommerce and business.” – You can read this info on brandgrowthexperts.com about Austin, but he also creates blog posts, ebooks and podcasts, and hosts ecommerce masterclasses about how you can retain your customers by improving your email marketing. (BTW, customer retention is a topic that we at Antavo are also super enthusiastic about!)



Darren DeMatas (@ecommerceCEO)

Darren DeMatasDarren describes himself in the following way on his Twitter account: “I help entrepreneurs make ecommerce websites relevant to search engines & people. Internet Marketing MBA. Google AdWords & Copyblogger Certified.” He is the Co-founder of SelfStartr, where he shares informative articles about how to start an ecomm business, and how to keep your customers after the launch and a certain period of growth. He is a great customer loyalty advisor and always curates insightful articles dealing with mobile usage, social media and broader topics in ecommerce. Here you can check out a great infographic of his, in which he analyzes the top 20 eCommerce platforms and compares them based on page loading time, UX and mobile friendliness.


Jess Mizerak (@JessMizerak)

Jess MizerakJess is a Customer Loyalty Strategist from Florida, who now works at our company, Antavo, helping retail brands to run gamified loyalty programs in their stores. Besides loyalty marketing, she also tweets about customer experience in general, gives great insights on customer service, and shares creative advertising campaigns. If you haven’t checked out her latest article about Brexit, and how it could affect ecommerce stores and SaaS companies in the UK, then now is the time!



Joseph Michelli (@josephmichelli)

Joseph MichelliJoseph is a New York Times Bestselling Author, who wrote great books like The Zappos Experience, The Starbucks Experience, The New Gold Standard and Prescription For Excellence. He mainly focuses on how amazing customer experience can decrease churn and help brands build a long-lasting relationship with their prospects, not to mention he is also into our dear obsession, loyalty programs. His customer-wowing tips are centered around big retailers, but we shouldn’t neglect what the giants are currently doing when it comes to customer experience. Besides being active on Twitter, he hosts completely free online podcasts, too!


Mark Johnson (@MJohnsonLoyalty)

Mark JohnsonMark is the President and CEO at Loyalty 360, which is one of the largest associations, boasting more than 15,000 members. They host real-life events & webinars, and share articles and news about the latest loyalty marketing trends from all industries. So, if you want to keep your customers and invest in boosting loyalty, then you should follow the news that Mark shares, or participate in Loyalty 360’s LinkedIn group (it’s one of my personal favorite groups to browse, as I always find fresh news there from the loyalty industry). On his Twitter profile, Mark does the same. He tweets about how all the big brands out there maintain customer loyalty through great customer experience, new technology and loyalty programs.


Tonya Garcia (@tgarcianyc)

Tonya GarciaTonya is a reporter at MarketWatch covering retail and consumer companies. Besides delivering the latest news about how retail giants are launching their new campaigns to increase their awareness and sales, she is also my personal favorite resource generator when it comes to reward programs. For example, her articles helped me craft an article how retail giants from Starbucks to Amazon Prime updated their reward programs in 2016. We can learn A LOT from big companies’ marketing strategies. Actually, they are typically the ones, whose changes not just get covered by all of the important news outlets, but really show the direction that loyalty marketing is going. And by using this information, you can finetune your own strategy just in time.

11. Use data-driven marketing tactics to tackle down the best results

Ivan Mazour (@IvanMazour)

Ivan Mazour“I am a Russian-born London-based serial entrepreneur, investor, author and the CEO and Founder of Ometria – a customer insight and marketing automation platform built specifically for retailers, helping them truly understand their customers and communicate with each one in a personalised way.” – said by Ivan Mazour on his personal blog. As his company is based in UK, he recently posted a lot of info about Brexit and how it affects the life of SaaS companies, retailers and ecommerces (so, if you want to be updated with recent changes and get the opinion of an expert in this field, then follow him).


Robert Gilbreath (@Adomatica)

Robert GilbreathRobert is the VP of Marketing at ShipStation, a shipping software that allows you to ship your products automatically whenever it’s purchased by a customer in your own store or in a marketplace like Amazon. He shares updates on Twitter about how data-driven marketing can help ecommerce owners convert their customers in the long run without wasting their budget. Plus, it’s absolutely creative how they market their own product at Shipstation using video, for example they recently shot a video with one of their satisfied clients, a fashion brand Ugmonk, who they helped to success. The video is so professional and captivating! I truly believe in the power of this kind of video when it comes to selling online – even if you are into B2B or B2C you will definitely need to focus on producing videos at a certain phase of your business’s development. Here is a quick stat that can strengthen my words: according to HubSpot, 90% of customers say that product videos help to them in their decision-making process when it comes to buying a product.

12. Going global with your ecommerce store

Paul Rogers (@paulnrogers)

Paul Rogers“Specialist, enterprise-level Magento consulting and auditing services, delivered by certified engineers and an experienced ecommerce professional.” – This how Paul describes himself on his website. If you own a Magento store or are thinking about launching one, then your best bet is to follow his account for the latest tips and tricks that involve Magento, from growth hacking to best features to employ. He also curates great statistics about platform comparison that just recently caught my attention – I love when resources help you see the big picture and trends that influence the global ecommerce market.


Sarah Carroll (@growglobal)

Sarah CarrollPublic Speaker, Presenter, Founder of the UK-based company, Grow Global that helps ecommerce stores step into the international market. With her colleagues she frequently holds masterclasses for ecomm store owners and B2B companies. (I attended one of them in March, if you are interested in my take-aways, you can read them here.) On Twitter she mostly tweets about global ecommerce trends from mobile usage, platform preferences, political changes like Brexit, or social-commerce plus other interesting topics.



Thomas Smale (@ThomasSmale)

Thomas SmaleFounder of FE International, Business Exit Strategist, Speaker and Columnist at Entrepreneur. He is interested in and tweets about topics that cover all of aspects of ecommerce stores, from the recent happenings out in the world – and how going international can help you grow your business. Most importantly, he also shares tips on what you should consider before selling your online business. He also writes about the power of freelancing and B2B business strategy. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that he accepts industry-related podcast invitations, too.

13. Trends and tech innovations that you shouldn’t miss out on

Bruno Leveque (@bruno42)

Bruno LevequeBruno is the Co-founder of PrestaShop, which allows you to create and run your own ecommerce store in the blink of an eye. He is not just into ecommerce-related trends and news, but also follows how new technology evolves and it how can help ecommerce stores to “sharpen” their cutting edge. He frequently attends tech and entrepreneurship-related events like ProductTank, and participates in podcasts hosted by The App Guy about how to create a world-class ecommerce software through open-source innovation.



Dr Dave Chaffey (@DaveChaffey)

Dr Dave ChaffeyDave is an editor at Smart Insights and the author of Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice book. If you want to see reports first hand from Smart Insights about the latest trends in the field of online marketing, read about customer experience, m-commerce, loyalty marketing, and news that can affect your business, then his Twitter profile is the best way to keep yourself updated. Dave also shares information when he attends webinars, which can be a great chance for you to “personally” gain the knowledge of the hottest topics that you can’t miss out as an online store owner.


Nicole Reyhle (@RetailMinded)

Nicole ReyhleNicole is the founder of Retail Minded, a blog and education center which helps retailers nurture their businesses. She is also a real enthusiast about new technology and how it can be used for retail, for example to improve ratings and reviews for products and therefore influence the mobile impulse buy. She was also featured on IBM before, and has participated in IBM’s hosted Twitter chat series (and I’m betting on the fact that she’ll also be featured in the future, too!) If you are looking for high-quality resources or news about the retail sector, then you should definitely follow her profile.


Tracey Wallace (@TraceWall)

Tracey WallaceManaging editor advocating for #smallbiz success at Bigcommerce, an ecommerce platform that can help you to start your online business. She tweets about all aspects of ecommerce, from how you can take advantage of new tech trends, like selling through Pinterest, or how to design the best converting website for your ecommerce store, and how to market to millennials. What I like the most about her feed, that she also shares articles about how you can connect with your customers offline and online with experiences that meet their expectations.

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