Business Basics for Loyalty Programs

The three toughest choices every marketer has to make to have a smooth loyalty program launch

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  • Ensuring that the membership
    program fits into your
    marketing strategy

  • Understanding the customer
    lifecycle and how it affects
    your approach to your audience

  • Realizing the best
    KPI to gauge the success
    of your loyalty program


Attila Kecsmar


“Facing the big decision of whether or not your loyalty program is ready for prime time can be overwhelming. However, if you ask yourself the right questions beforehand and work hard on ironing out the problems, then it won’t be a painful experience at all. I have written this book to help you approach the subject the right way and be confident in the final result.”



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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is customer retention so important?

Engaging with customers who are either inside or outside the buying cycle is key to staying afloat in a competitive market. Retaining customers who keep coming back and spend money at your shop should be a prime goal, and Antavo’s loyalty programs help you achieve success. We not only offer the tech, but also the knowledge and strategy that keeps the system on the right track. Book a demo today to find out more.

Where can I find more Information on launching a loyalty program?

Loyalty schemes might seem complicated on the outset, but we offer a comprehensive list of guiding material to show you the ins and outs of the system. There are plenty of other ebooks dedicated to other aspects of running an effective loyalty program, as well as blog posts and even videos detailing the newest trends.