15 Ways to Reward Customers in a Loyalty Program

How to Design an Irresistible Rewards Scheme for Your Loyalty Program

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case studies include

What incentives to use
for loyalty members?

  • Learn to see your rewards
    through the eye of
    the customer

  • Avoid the ordinary and
    stick to the truly memorable

  • Crack open the point-price
    puzzle and find the
    perfect exchange rate

  • Receive tips to
    fine-tuning the
    reward system


Zsuzsa Kecsmar


“So you have decided to launch a loyalty program and have been browsing through all the guides available to ensure a successful launch. Great, you are on the right track. This book will help you tap into the mind of the customer and shows you how to drive sales and boost brand loyalty through meaningful benefits.”



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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need special rewards for my loyalty program?

Whether customers are inside or outside the buying circle, you need to engage with them in a memorable way. The first step in creating a great loyalty program is offering word class rewards, so that people would be more inclined to change their spending habits and become a VIP. Of course, rewards are just one facet of the picture, and you need to succeed in other areas as well. Make sure to check out our other ebooks and case studies to get a better idea about a compelling loyalty program.

How can I ensure customers will like my rewards?

The landscape of customer retention is always changing, so you must be on top of your game in order to get ahead of the competition. Luckily we are here to help and provide you the insight, strategy and technology necessary for a well-oiled membership program. Contact us today and get an appointment with our experts.