Antavo Nets the First European Glossy Award with LVR Case Study

The first iteration of the Glossy Awards Europe was organized in 2019, and Antavo won it thanks to a shared case study with LuisaViaRoma.

Antavo Nets the First European Glossy Award with LVR Case Study
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Our shelf dedicated to awards is filling right up. Why? Because we’ve won the Glossy Awards Europe for our shared case study with LuisaViaRoma! This award holds a special place in our hearts since this is the very first time the prestigious ceremony was organized with European fashion innovators in mind. And we’re in good company too, as we received the award alongside Farfetch, Tiffany & Co and Benefit Cosmetics.

Glossy Awards, and the Pursuit for For True Innovators

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the Glossy Awards. The gala recognizes companies that act as conduits for the transformation of the fashion and beauty industry. However, 2019 is special in the sense that the US-based ceremony has branched out to Europe for the first time. 

On July 9, the very first edition of the Glossy Awards Europe was held the winners of the 13 categories were announced online. Among them was Antavo, who, together with LuisaViaRoma, won in the “Best Loyalty Program” category.

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Other honorees of the Glossy Awards Europe include revered companies like Coty Luxury and Spring Studios.

On a Winning Streak

This is the third time our tag-team with Italian-born luxury fashion retailer LuisaViaRoma has previously won a trophy. In 2018, the two companies won the eCommerce Awards for Excellence in London. 

And just recently in May, our efforts were recognized at the Drapers Digital Awards. The judges also complimented Antavo and LVR for showing a clear vision, bravery and great results. But what’s the reason for so much recognition?

Antavo at the Drapers Digital Awards 2019
Antavo in the spotlight at the Drapers Digital Awards. The lucky ladies on stage: VP of UK, Rohini Contractor (left) and International Sales Executive, Jessica Mizerak (right).

A €16m Increase in Revenue for the Italian Luxury Giant

Back in 2017, LuisaViaRoma decided to create a simple earn & burn style program to strengthen the relationship with its customers. But after partnering with Antavo, the focus shifted towards a more sophisticated solution that changes customer behavior and gives back to the community

After two years, the results were more than impressive. Almost 4 million new website visits, a 59% increase in customer retention rates, just €1.1 million in reward costs and above all, €16m in additional revenue were all attributed to the loyalty program, LVR Privilege. For a detailed rundown on the features and solutions in the award-winning loyalty program, check out our case study.

Taking Customer Loyalty to the Next Level

It’s really humbling that not one, but several outlets found us praiseworthy. We pour all our effort and knowledge into our projects, helping brands and retailers from various industries find a loyalty program that fits their image and drives their KPIs

Interested in launching a loyalty solution with gamification elements, or one that helps you increase footfall in your stores? Our platform is flexible enough to cover all business needs, so you can step beyond the discount culture and foster true engagement. 

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Attila Kecsmar

Attila is the CEO and Co-founder of Antavo. He has a solid IT background and has been a tech entrepreneur for over 15 years, and is also an expert in electrical technology. He combines a down-to-earth vision with inspiring enthusiasm, helping steer creativity and innovation at Antavo.

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