LuisaViaRoma & Antavo Wins Drapers Award for Customer Engagement

LuisaViaRoma & Antavo Wins Drapers Award for Customer Engagement

March 22, 2019

I’m excited to bring you the news about the latest achievement of the luxury fashion retailer LuisaViaRoma and Antavo: winning the award at the Drapers Digital Festival 2019 in London. We were nominated as finalists for our shared case study with LuisaViaRoma, proving the capability of our loyalty solution and the flexibility of LVR’s customer engagement strategy.

Being recognised by such a venerable outlet in the industry proves that we are on the right track when it comes to improving customer experience and customer lifetime value. Still, fashion isn’t the only focus of Antavo, as the concept of Recognition Loyalty helps other industries as well, such as retail, beauty and hospitality.

An Award for Outstanding Innovators and Disruptors

The Drapers Digital Festival has always been an esteemed platform that highlighted fashion brands and tech companies that not only survive the waves of digital transformation in fashion, but thrive in it. In 2019, the event was held at The Brewery in London on the 15th of May.

There were 14 award categories in total at the illustrious Drapers Digital Awards, and the judges were elected from companies such as Facebook, TheCurrent, Coded Futures and Muscle Food. LuisaViaRoma and Antavo were announced as winners in the category “Best Digital Customer Engagement & Retention Strategy”.

Drapers Digital Awards category winners group photo
Antavo was represented by our VP of UK, Rohini Contractor, and International Sales Executive, Jessica Mizerak.

Being Recognised for Customer Engagement & Retention

LuisaViaRoma’s case study has served as the entry for the Drapers Digital Awards. It details the company’s loyalty campaign that led them to an 8% increase in revenue, a 151% increase in purchase frequency and 1.2 million visits from social shares.

LuisaViaRoma’s loyalty program also featured a mix of Recognition Loyalty elements and surprise & delight mechanics, which made the birthday email their highest performing email campaign which generated more than 65% open rate and a 20% extra CTR.

LuisaViaRoma Privilige is a great program for customer engagement
According to the judges, LuisaViaRoma’s approach highlights how it can adapt its retention strategy as it continues to grow. They also said the company showed a clear vision, bravery and great results.

Building a 21st-Century Loyalty Solution

I believe customer engagement and customer retention are the strongest weapons a company can wield in order to meet its goals. But today’s hyper-aware customers cannot be shackled, only engaged with a meaningful loyalty program, as 77% of shoppers state that it’s a loyalty program that makes them faithful to a brand, according to Bond.

The other lesson we learned from LuisaViaRoma’s success is that customers are indeed hungry for novelties and willing to follow a company that offers incentives that go beyond transactions. Therefore the best way to make members of your program feel appreciated is by engaging them outside the buying cycle.

LVR Sneakers Club
Rewarding interactions that aren’t just tied to a transaction — gamification, rating products, participating in an Instagram campaign or completing a gamified quiz — will keep people hooked, leading to a higher CLV. LuisaViaRoma’s Sneakers Club is a great example of that.

Reaching the Next Level With a Loyalty Program

There are numerous ways to make your loyalty program feel unique and stand out from the competition: create loyalty tiers and perks to give members a permanent sense of progression; offer experiential rewards that are truly memorable; and establish the single customer view by collecting information through gamified profiling.

Our Customer Loyalty Management Platform is capable of delivering all of this, and even more. If you already have a loyalty concept and you are looking for a company to implement it, then contact us so we can discuss the details.

Still new to the idea of a loyalty program, and looking for a guide that solves retention issues? Check out our in-depth ebook about launching a successful customer loyalty program

The Definitive Guide to Creating a Successful Loyalty Program

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