A Ready-To-Use Worksheet to Design Your Reward System

Work out the best incentives for your customers


Use our worksheet to systematically build a reward system that’s both exciting and engaging:

  • Learn about the four basic reward types and their key characteristics
  • Find out the major categories that define any kind of incentive
  • Get inspired by several fleshed-out reward examples
  • Use our template to design and expand your own reward system


Timi Garai


Coming up with rewards for your loyalty program seems easy at first, but once you sit down brainstorming, you realize a crucial part is missing for the puzzle: an actual guide that shows you all the possibilities there is. Using this template you’ll have an easy time categorizing and segmenting your reward ideas, as well as being reminded to pay attention to small but important details, such as how long should a reward stay available for the public, or whether it should be a recurring or one-time phenomenon.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this worksheet work?

On the top half of the worksheet, you’ll find four ‘default reward profiles’. Many loyalty incentives fit into one of these categories. For each of them, we added the most important characteristics. Beneath them, you can see several reward examples we provided for you as inspiration. Use them as guidance to come up with new ideas. Feel free to expand the worksheet with your own rewards, and fill out the corresponding fields with the necessary details.

Can you show me some reward ideas that are used by actual brands?

Our case study section is full of short but comprehensive rundowns on how we built the loyalty program and reward system for our clients. Since no two brands are alike, each of the case studies tackles different challenges. Still, you’ll no doubt find plenty of real-world examples. Alternatively, you can also check out our blog section, or contact us directly to book a consultation with our experts.

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