Loyalty Management Platform Comparison Worksheet

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The art of convincing customers

  • Find key information about each provider and their positioning
  • Compare pricing structures and additional service fees
  • Compare notes on key features, security level and data protection from each tech solution
  • Evaluate how each loyalty program will work with your existing systems


Andras Nesmes


Finding a loyalty program provider that is capable of meeting your expectations and delivering the best results possible is a real challenge. Different companies use different terminologies and they’re all unique in one way or another. We’ve received hundreds of RFPs over the years, so we have an understanding of what retailers and brands need to know when choosing a vendor. This worksheet summarizes all our knowledge and aims to help you decide which Loyalty Program Provider is the best fit for you.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this worksheet work?

We already filled out the first column for you with details about Antavo. This serves as a basis for your research. You can use these categories as a guide when checking out other companies’ offers and write down the results in the columns corresponding to any other providers you’re researching. At the end of the day, you’ll get a detailed chart that makes the comparison a piece of cake.

I’m still new to the concept of loyalty programs. Where can I learn more?

Our blog is full of articles dedicated to introducing brands and retailers to the concept of loyalty programs. From easy-to-digest explanations of important trends to full-fledged guides on your industry, you’ll find an article that speaks to you. Alternatively, check out our case studies, for example the LuisaViaRoma loyalty program making €16m, to get inspiration.

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