Loyalty Experience Kiosk

An Innovative Retail 2.0 Solution to Capture Foot Traffic

A fun store experience determines where most people shop. We’ve built a hardware-software solution that acts as an engagement hub with NFC technology, facial recognition, and customer retention features.

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Designed & Developed by Antavo: The Loyalty Experience Kiosk

Capture shoppers’ attention

The Kiosk is a fun and exciting physical touchpoint your customers can engage with while shopping in the store.

Quick and Easy Access Through QR code, NFC & Facial Recognition
  1. Customers can use the wall-mounted Kiosk as a gateway to access their loyalty program profile and interact with store-exclusive offers & fun games.
  2. For zero-friction enrollment and seamless login, customers can connect with facial recognition, QR code or Apple & Google Pay-supported NFC tech.

“Retailers want to engage the people who go to the store [… and] want to know their customers better — this kiosk helps to achieve this.”

Gamified Store Experience

Use the kiosks to drive more customers to your stores, learn more about their product preferences, and provide a great experience.

56% of Gen Z customers say that a fun in-store experience influences where they shop. On top of that, the gamification market size is predicted to reach $40 billion by 2024!

This is the age of Retail 2.0.

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