Loyalty Experience Kiosk

An Innovative Retail 2.0 Solution to Capture Foot Traffic

A fun store experience determines where most people shop. We’ve built a hardware-software solution with NFC technology that magically interacts with your mobile.

Designed & Developed by Antavo: The Loyalty Experience Kiosk

Capture shoppers’ attention

Set up NFC-fitted Kiosks in strategic locations throughout the store, inviting people to start interacting with them by resting their phone on the frame.

Quick & Easy Access
  1. Shoppers place their phone on the Kiosk.
  2. They either enroll to the loyalty program, or log into their profile.
  3. The iPad and phone magically communicate with one another, so shoppers can leave and go on a treasure hunt or ask for assistance from shop associates.
  4. After removing the phone, users are automatically logged out.

Identify Guest Shoppers

Use the kiosks to drive more customers to your stores, learn more about their product preferences, and provide a great experience.

56% of Gen Z customers say that a fun in-store experience influences where they shop. In conjunction with this, the gamification market size is predicted to reach $40 billion by 2024!

This is the age of Retail 2.0.

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