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Antavo Announces Q2 2021 Orchid Pink Product Release Including Convenient, No-Code Workflows

July 30, 2021

Antavo’s latest product release introduces a host of new features that support enterprises in their loyalty management efforts. Program administrators and marketers can now enjoy features that let them build custom entities, create sophisticated workflows without any coding or IT knowledge, and offer exciting new gamification elements and rewards with the updated customizable prize wheel and gift cards extension.

The Q2 2021 Orchid Pink product release includes extensions and features that provide more automation and reward options aimed at helping loyalty and CRM managers keep the loyalty program engaging, varied and fresh with minimal effort.Custom Entities is one such feature, which allows administrators to register new data collections and extend standard objects with new data fields. These new entities allow for seamless integration with Martech, CRM or other systems being used alongside Antavo’s platform.

The Q2 release also includes a new no-code Workflows module where marketers can create, run, and modify automated loyalty campaigns & offers without assistance from IT staff, including easy-to-use AI churn reduction and A/B testing features.

When it comes to rewards and gamification, Orchid Pink provides more flexibility. Now marketers can now offer gift cards as rewards, providing members more freedom when they decide how and when they want to use their reward, compared to standard coupons. And Antavo’s updated, customizable Prize Wheel lets loyalty program operators customize the look and functionality of the prize wheel, including color, visibility, size, and limitations on the probability of landing on any given slice on the wheel. These two new features give loyalty program members new, memorable ways to interact with the brand, offering new levels of flexibility and fun.

“We know people value their time and don’t want to spend it on repetitive or unrewarding tasks. That’s why we are putting an emphasis on building an automated solution that users can leverage with our no-code Workflows. Providing more tools to reward your customers should be a natural part of every loyalty program. You know your customers best. Our goal is to enable you to innovate.” Viktor Fasi, Head of Product at Antavo Loyalty Management Platform

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