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Product Release

Q2 ‘21

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Orchid Pink Q2/2021 Product Release: Advanced Enterprise Support: Automated & Rewarding Loyalty Solutions

July 29, 2021

Running a loyalty program on an enterprise level is a complex procedure, in which administrators and marketers need to be able to cooperate on a daily basis to create and run exciting new offers and campaigns.

In its Orchid Pink Product Release, Antavo showcases four new additions to its platform that makes loyalty program management more efficient for administrators, and gives marketers more colorful options for rewards.

Viktor Fasi

Viktor Fasi
Head of Product at Antavo Loyalty Management Platform

“We know people value their time and don’t want to spend it on repetitive or unrewarding tasks. That’s why we are putting an emphasis on building an automated solution that users can leverage with our no-code Workflows. Providing more tools to reward your customers should be a natural part of every loyalty program. You know your customers best. Our goal is to enable you to innovate.”

Two mobile phones featuring the major highlights of Antavo’s Orchid Pink product

Whether you’re responsible for running the loyalty program, or you’re the creative mind behind marketing campaigns, Antavo’s latest features will no doubt help you excel.


Enrich your rewards catalog with gift cards


Create customizable prize wheels


Integrate a no-code loyalty platform

An image depicting Antavo’s Custom Entities feature for the Orchid Pink Product Release.

Custom Entities

Taking flexibility to the next level, Antavo introduced a new capability called Custom Entities, which makes administrative tasks less complex for program owners. It allows administrators to register and edit completely new data collections.

Antavo’s no-code Workflows interface.

Automated, No-Code Workflows

In order to facilitate streamlined, frictionless program management, Antavo designed Workflows so no coding is required. Now staff members can create, run and modify loyalty campaigns & offers without any assistance from the IT team.

An image depicting Antavo’s Customizable Prize Wheel feature for the Orchid Pink Product Release.

Customizable Prize Wheel

Antavo helps companies bring more excitement and surprise & delight into the rewards program with a new, configurable Prize Wheel feature. It’s simple: members can spin the wheel to receive a random reward, gift or benefit from a predetermined pool.

An image depicting Antavo’s Gift Cards feature for the Orchid Pink Product Release.

Gift Cards

In order to enrich the reward experience for loyalty programs, Antavo’s technology now supports gift cards, in addition to standard discounts. Gift cards are more flexible, as customers enjoy more freedom in deciding when and how they wish to use their reward.