Gamified Loyalty Programs

Play & Unlock

A loyalty program based around challenges or badges engages customers in a fun and interactive way. The goal is to encourage customers to interact regularly with the brand and repeat their behavior.

The benefits of Gamified Loyalty Programs

  • _ Encourage recurring behavior

    Provide a sense of accomplishment by associating each challenge with a benefit. To make progress, customers need to repeat actions valuable to your brand, developing new habits.

  • _ Incentivize specific actions

    Each challenge (or badge) is a set of multiple actions, chosen to fit your business goals. These micro-journeys help you understand how customers prefer to engage with your brand.

  • _ Engagement beyond transactions

    In addition to completing challenges and unlocking badges, customers can be given incentive to engage on social media, create and submit their own content, or take gamified quizzes.

  • _ A gamified customer experience

    By associating incentives with a challenge or a badge, customers have to undertake a mission in order to unlock a benefit – just like in a game.

  • _ A smart choice for a first launch

    These programs encourage customers to follow your instruction in a fun way, without feeling restricted. Explore how customers respond to incentives and use that valuable loyalty data later on.

Gamified Loyalty Program Examples

Who is it for?

  • Brand and retailers selling emotionally relatable products

  • Brands and retailers positioned on community creation

  • Companies that share the same values with their customers

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