Reward the behaviour you seek

64% of loyalty program members want to earn rewards for activities other than purchase. Meet their needs with a loyalty engine supercharged with gamification functionalities that allow you to reward any trackable customer action, such as those below.

12 contest types

Generate buzz with sweepstakes and collect user-generated content with contests.

Social share & follow

Encourage members to share products and follow you on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram through setups that are aligned with each social channel’s  policies.

Content quizzes

Reward customers for completing fun quizzes about blog posts or videos.

Product reviews

Increase trust and strengthen SEO by encouraging customers to leave more product reviews for loyalty points.

Forms & surveys

Build detailed customer profiles by asking your customers about product preferences or personal information.

Video viewing

Engage customers with your video content and let your brand message take center stage.

On average, 55% of customers consider “Fun” an Important Loyalty Driver.

Friend referrals

Reach new customers by rewarding loyalty members for inviting their friends.

Email interactions

Keep your brand on customers’ minds by rewarding email opens and clicks.

Treasure hunt

Host an interactive game in your store using quizzes, QR codes or beacons.

Mobile app

Add loyalty functionalities to your app to increase in-app activity and customer engagement.

Page visits

Lead your customers to certain product pages, or have them come back every day for a week or two, in exchange for special rewards.

Custom events

Encourage any trackable customer action that supports your business goals.

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