The Definitive Guide to Creating a Successful Loyalty Program

Getting Loyalty Programs Right From Start to Finish

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case studies include

The process of creating a
successful loyalty program

  • Understanding the benefits and why
    it’s worth the investment

  • Setting it up
    is easy, only taking
    5 steps – don’t forget
    gamification, eye-candies
    and a little charm!

  • After launch, analyze the
    results and measure the success

  • If you don’t want to
    do it yourself,
    summon some help!


Timi Garai


“The main principle of a loyalty program is to make the customer happy. Easier said than done! But don’t be afraid, I’m here to tell you how to take the first steps and ensure that the final product will be popular among shoppers. In this book you’ll find a comprehensive rundown on how to design the loyalty program, as well as see great examples on how other companies do it.”



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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are loyalty programs important?

A membership program is your most valuable weapon in the battle for customer retention. It helps you better engage with customers, understand what motivates them to purchase your products and establish an emotional connection with them that lasts for for a lifetime. If you are interested in the possibilities of a successful loyalty program, then get in touch with us.

What makes a loyalty program work?

There are several aspects you should keep an eye on. Aligning your goals with customer actions is often overlooked, even though it plays an important role in making people invested in your brand. Speaking of capturing the heart of your customers, make sure to offer enticing rewards, perks or tiers, not just discounts. Check out our articlesand ebooks, you’ll find a mountain of information about the details.