GetPlus Loyalty Program: Coalition Experience With 500+ Stores

Discover how Antavo’s technology helped the GetPlus loyalty program create a multi-brand reward program that grew customer lifetime value.

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Operated by consumer experience and loyalty marketing expert Global Poin Indonesia (GPI), GetPlus is the go-to coalition loyalty program in Indonesia, boosting over 500 in-store and online partners as well as more than 1 million members. Ever the innovator, the company sought to deliver a more engaging experience for members by switching to a more flexible loyalty technology platform. To do so, they partnered with Antavo due to their established mobile-first and coalition capabilities.

For a detailed analysis of how the GetPlus case study has been re-platformed using Antavo technology (and the results it achieved), download our case study. 

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Switching to a Modern, Industry-Aligned Loyalty Technology

Global Poin Indonesia was looking for a loyalty platform capable of supporting coalition loyalty programs. They needed to be able to manage clearing and settlement features, partner rewards, and the transfer between various point types. Therefore, The revamped GetPlus program needed to be built on a modern foundation tech-wise. Another reason why GPI wanted to re-platform its technology was to use AI recognition to target buyers at key moments of their customer journey. The objective was to help brands exceed their awareness, acquisition and retention goals in the GetPlus loyalty environment.

Watch our video on GetPlus to learn what it’s all about. 

Total Freedom for Members and Partners

GetPlus is a fully app-based solution, meaning that customers need to download and sign up for a dedicated app to interact with the loyalty program. The main way customers progress in the program is by earning points from multiple sources, including malls, restaurants and other partners via a variety of payment methods, both digital and in-store receipt or QR code scanning.

As a multi-brand coalition program, the system doesn’t restrict the freedom of partners with an overarching earning rule. Instead, the number of points earned for a transaction is decided by each partner. Points can be calculated as a % rate based on total spend, be a fixed amount, or a mixture of both.

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 GetPlus avoids overcomplicated earning rules and focuses its experience on partner rewards. Since each offer has different rules and benefits, no two offers feel the same for members. 

Progress Boosting Leveling System

Besides its earn & burn logic, GetPlus also has three tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Members of higher tiers get highly desirable perks, namely a point multiplier on purchases. Moreover, members also get a significant point bonus the first time they rank up. 

GetPlus tiers are based on annual customer spend. Leveling up from the “free” Silver-tier to the Gold tier requires members to spend approximately $2,000 worth of Indonesian Rupiah. The third and best Platinum tier unlocks after members spend approximately $5,000 worth of Indonesian Rupiah. 

GetPlus loyalty program tier structure
Point multipliers for members in higher tiers are a powerful incentive to keep members active. Customers understand that if they let their current tier expire, they would earn fewer points for spending the same amount.

The True Essence of a Coalition Program

The main appeal of being a GetPlus member is the access to offers from +500 different partners, including grocery stores, eCommerce stores, apparel brands, travel partners, entertainment brands, food & beverage establishments, and more. 

Generally, GetPlus points can be turned into vouchers with a fixed value, or into cash credit for a chosen e-wallet in real-time. However, there are plenty of partner deals that allow members to earn bonus points. For example, sometimes members can upload two receipts per month, spend a set amount at a partner store, or order a specific product combination. GetPlus even allows partners to reward non-transactional activities if they choose to, such as friend referrals or survey completion.

Antavo no-code workflow for GetPlus loyalty program
The configuration that Antavo’s solution enables offers two main benefits. First, it can run without additional partner integrations. Secondly, the flexible no-code workflow module can handle any kind of unique reward scenario that a coalition partner might need. 

Outstanding Results

Antavo’s and GPI’s collaboration has led to a huge success in nurturing customers. Following the November 2022 launch of the revamped GetPlus program on the Antavo platform, there has been a surge in valuable customers.

During the first eleven months:

  • ~423k new members have enrolled, making up ~44% of the total member base
  • 87% of program members have transacted more than twice

Members who redeem their points drive the most value. Compared to non-redeemers, they have: 

  • Purchased ~32 times more 
  • Spent ~50 times more
  • ~2X higher AOV

Tiers are the most successful feature for nurturing customer lifetime value: 

  • 96% of Platinum and Gold members are transacting members
  • Purchase frequency among Platinum members is 54X higher than among Silver members
  • The AOV for Platinum members is 5X higher than that of Silver members
  • Platinum member spend is 232X higher than that of Silver members
Headshot of Adrian Hoon, Co-Founder & COO / CMO at GetPlus

Our goal with the program was to create a personalized experience for our members, no matter what their interests are. We also have plans to introduce many exciting new gamification features to the program. That’s why we chose Antavo as they have the best gamification solutions, so look out for more great experiences over time.

Adrian Hoon

Co-Founder & COO / CMO at GetPlus

Are You Ready To Launch Your Own Coalition-style Loyalty Experience?

Despite being a complex reward system that offers deals from across 500+ partners, Antavo’s technology lets GPI manage the program in a streamlined yet flexible manner. This allowed the company to run a successful loyalty program and achieve the KPIs they set.

If you are interested in threading a similar path to success, make sure to get in touch with Antavo’s experts, either by booking a demo to see our platform’s capabilities or by sending us an RFP

If you haven’t already, make sure to download the GetPlus case study for more details about the success story. 

The case study download banner for Antavo’s GetPlus case study
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Tamas Oszi

Tamas is the Head of Content at Antavo and a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional - CLMP. Tamas is known for having a keen eye for loyalty and customer retention strategies and trends. Tamas is also a true gamer at heart and has an impressive collection of cyberpunk books.

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