Mobile Use Cases

Enhance The Mobile Experience with Loyalty Features Connect with customers on the go

  • A loyalty card in your Mobile Wallet
    Use digital loyalty passes to instantly identify customers. Mobile Wallet passes can be updated in real-time and multiple offers can be stacked together.
  • Loyalty functionality in your app
    Seamlessly expand your existing app with loyalty functionalities to incentivize different engagements, such as app downloads or logins.
  • New opportunities for gamification
    Customers can use their phones to scan receipts, participate in treasure hunts, and get rewarded when making an in-store purchase.

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Double Points Campaign To enchance x-selling opportunities

Create incentives for single-category buyers to maker purchases in new categories. Use customer insight generated with loyalty incentives to drive relevance and conversion.

Journey Overview

Loyalty members are presented with a special incentive that is time-limited. Respondents can then be engaged into new loyalty program journeys outside the buying cycle


  • Visit Antavo’s Customer Insights module and set your segmentation criteria
  • Filter customers who only buy from a single product category
  • Identify the next most relevant product category for this segment


Level of EffortLow (5-15 min)


Identify x-selling opportunities by creating a segment of single-category buyers with similar style preferences (data collected through profile completion and data analysis).


  • Pick the product category you will run the loyalty campaign for
  • Define the 2x points incentive
  • Schedule your loyalty campaign
  • Set up a promotion campaign in your marketing automation system and select the channels to run it on


Level of EffortMedium (15-60 min)


Launch a double points campaign on a specific product category from which the target customer does not habitually buy from.


  • For the time of the campaign, activate a pop-up in your marketing automation system that promotes the incentive
  • Using the Antavo incentivized snippet means the promotion will automatically be showcased on product pages


Level of EffortLow (5-15 min)


Keep up interest by highlighting the loyalty promotion on every relevant product page visited by the customer. Increase the sense of urgency by displaying the campaign expiration date.


  • Once the customer completes her purchase, we can visit the Antavo platform and see that points are automatically added to her account


Level of EffortLow (5-15 min)


Upon checkout, give the customer a visual confirmation of the extra points earned to reinforce the positive experience.


  • Add 2 extra elements to your order confirmation page or pop-up: the number of points the customer earned and a link that redirects customers to their dedicated loyalty account


Level of EffortLow (5-15 min)


Capitalize on the opportunity to build engagement outside of the buying cycle. Promote a new loyalty journey immediately in the order confirmation.

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