Daily Life Use Cases

Engage Customers Outside of the Buying Cycle Go beyond rewarding transactions

  • Support brand values
    Offer points for bringing back old clothes, recycling used electronics or donating books to create a bond based on shared values.
  • Track sports activity
    Integrate smart technology into your loyalty program to connect with people’s hobbies and reward customers for running or working out.
  • Custom actions
    Find out which action supports your brand and reward it. Incentivize product wear with smart chips or encourage the return of draft kegs.

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Reward Customer Passion To Strengthen Relationships With Your Brand

Get closer to your customers by rewarding them beyond transactions:
Show support for their goals & interests, and link your brand to their daily life through integration with popular apps like Fitbit

Journey Overview

Prompt customers to complete a healthy lifestyle challenge by rewarding them for running. Give a reward in line with your brand values and make a charity donation in their name.


  • Define the challenge on the Antavo Loyalty Management Platform. Set the duration, specify the required actions, and choode the milestones customers need to reach
  • Use customer-facing elements like progress bars to track achievements, or countdowns to show when the event ends


Level of EffortMedium (15-60 min)

Raise awareness

Inform loyalty members about the running challenge. Leverage their desire for a healthy lifestyle to prompt them to participate. Reward their efforts with a charity donation in their name and show that you share their values.


  • In Antavo’s Automation tool, set up triggers so when a customer reaches a milestone, Antavo triggers an email & assings a small gift to him
  • To enable messaging, predefine emails in your email marketing system


Level of EffortMedium (15-60 min)

Reward milestones

Track customers’ athletic activities with Fitbit. Congratulate them with small perks for hitting every milestone while ensuring their ongoing engagement.


  • The progress bar widget helps customers visualize their progress
  • Antavo can trigger reminders and engagement emails from your MA system based on the progress and recent activity level of an individual customer
  • The email should be pre-defined in your system for this purpose


Level of EffortLow (5-15 min)

Keep customers engaged

Prompt customers to start & complete the challenge with encouraging messages when activity seems to drop. Show cutomers their progress to keep up their motivation as they get closer to the finish line.


  • Upload a badge about the donation (as a certificate)
  • Set up an email campaign that informs customers about completing the callenge and theit newly acquired badge
  • The email will be automatically triggered from Antavo when the challenge is completed


Level of EffortLow (5-15 min)

Communicate achievement

Notify customers about their achievement, inform them about how the donation will happen, and give them a donation badge to reinforce the sense of fulfilment


  • Segment customers based on their sport habits and information you have collected
  • Set up campaigns with offers targeting these segments in your marketing automation system


Level of EffortLow (5-15 min)

Leverage collected data

Use the data collected via Fitbit tracking to gain insights about customers sports habits and potential product preferences. Based on this data, you can create relevant upsell and cross sell offers in the following months.

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